Matt Roloff Just Showed His Fans He's Already Filming for the Next Season of 'Little People, Big World'

If there’s one show that fans know and love from TLC, it’s Little People, Big World. The show started nearly a decade and a half ago and starred Matt and Amy Roloff as a couple. Together, they raised their four children and took care of the family business, Roloff Farms — but in recent years, their personal troubles became too much for their marriage. Matt and Amy divorced, but there’s still plenty of controversy there, as Amy recently made the choice to sell her half of the farm to Matt.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Matt and Amy in the future. And it looks like filming is already happening as evidenced by what Matt recently posted to Instagram.

Amy Roloff mentioned filming Season 15 of ‘Little People, Big World’

Before we saw any camera crews for Season 15 of LPBW, Amy Roloff gave a hint that another season of the show was in the works. She took to Facebook Live to give her followers some insider information regarding where she is in life post-Season 14 of the show. Amy mentioned she’s currently looking for a new house since selling her half of Roloff Farms to Matt, but she also noted she’d be staying on farm property until she found the right place for her to live. Aside from her living situation, she also gave insight into the future of the show.

“We are getting ready, I believe, to start filming Season 15,” she said in the video that was recorded about two months ago. “Can you believe it, you guys? Season 15. No wonder I’m crazy, being on a reality show this long!” she added.

Matt Roloff also added a post about the new season

While Amy briefly mentioned the show on her Facebook Live video, we haven’t heard much since then from any of the Roloffs regarding their futures on TV. But Matt just gave a huge spoiler that they’re currently filming for the upcoming season. This recent Instagram post shows Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, being filmed by a sea of camera crew people for the show.

In the post, Matt describes how busy life has been. He noted that after his son, Jacob, married Isabel Rock and had their reception on the farm, he switched gears to setting up the big Roloff Farms auction. “Today we conducted the very fun auction all morning while also filming LPBW the entire time… here is a photo of @carynchandler1 and me doing our OTF (on the fly) interview explaining all the exciting happenings …as soon as the auction (and filming wrapped today),” Matt captioned the post. After the cameras caught up with the couple, Matt added that he and Chandler then went off to their Arizona home.

What can we expect to hear about next season on the show?

A ton happened last season of the show with Roloff Farms. So, what can we expect this season? We’re betting Amy’s house hunting will be a major plot point. Her long-time boyfriend, Chris Marek, is a realtor and has been helping Amy find her perfect forever home off the farm property — and we’re also looking forward to seeing how their relationship progresses, too. Amy has seemingly gone back and forth about a potential marriage to Marek, so we’ll have to see where she stands.

As for Matt and his girlfriend, we’ll have to see what they choose to do with the farm property. Matt’s mentioned multiple times he’d love to sell the farm and move to Arizona permanently. And fans have been begging Jeremy Roloff to take over Roloff Farms property if Matt makes that decision.

We can’t forget about Zach and Tori Roloff, either. Tori Roloff is set to have her second baby in a few short months, and since they’re still regulars on the show, we can’t wait to see what they’ve been up to as well. Here’s hoping we’ll get more glimpses of the next LPBW season soon!

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