Masked Singer’s Glenn Hoddle predicts Peter Andre is Bush Baby after accent clue

Glenn Hoddle has cast his predictions for the celebrities yet to be unmasked on The Masked Singer, after leaving the show with a bang on Saturday night.

The football legend, who played for England and later managed the team, was unveiled as Grandfather Clock in a glittering reveal.

Leaving the competition, Glenn admitted he felt Peter Andre was behind the mask of one contestant, his Aussie accent proving a giveaway.

Speaking to Daily Star and other press after the elimination, Glenn said: "Peter Andre, I've got a feeling. Peter Andre might be in there somewhere."

Referencing Bush Baby's "Australian twang," he added: “I'm guessing, it's a total guess, but Peter Andre might be one in there, who's done songs obviously, and is a professional singer.

"But it's all going to be revealed in a few weeks' time!"

So far, Bush Baby has left viewers speculating after speaking with an accent inspired by Down Under – though the twang could be one of the show's famous red herrings.

Mysterious Girl singer Peter's name has been thrown into the ring, along with former EastEnders star Joe Swash and original Bake Off extraordinaire Mary Berry.

Glenn dazzled viewers with a rendition of the Frank Sinatra classic You Make Me Feel So Young on Saturday, but the audience was determined to find out who was behind the mask.

Landing in the bottom two, he competed against the Viking and belted out Barry Manilow's Can't Smile Without You.

The judges voted for Grandfather Clock to whip off his mask – unveiling the football superstar beneath.

While Glenn's name had been mentioned by the judges on occasion, personalities like footballer David James and goalkeeper David Seaman were also thrown about.

Discussing the speculation over his identity, Glenn said: "Yeah, there was a lot of goalkeepers. Peter Shilton was one of them that was mentioned. I must admit underneath that costume I was having a little chuckle to myself, to be honest."

Glenn then reminisced over the moment in January 1980 when he was forced to replace goalie Milija Aleksic during a Tottenham Hotspur match against Manchester United.

He went on: "One of the clues, there was a goalkeeping clue in there. And I think the judges, to be fair, wouldn't have known but back in the day I actually played three matches in goal.

"The goalkeeper got injured and I actually went in goal and played in goal, because there wasn't substitute goalkeepers then in the 80s.

"I think that was the clue they put in and I think they went down that route."

He finished: "The tough clue drew them away from myself which was fun."

Masked Singer wasn't Glenn's first foray into the world of music – in 1987, he released the chart-topping hit Diamond Lights with Chris Waddle.

Practicing for the competition, Glenn tested out his singing voice in the kitchen, and only told four people in his close circle that he was taking part.

One of the most exciting parts of the series, the dad-of-three said, was witnessing his grandchildren's reaction to his unmasking.

Glenn confessed the secrecy and commitment required of the series was worth it to catch the look on his grandkids' faces when they saw their grandpa behind the mask.

The footie legend expressed: "To see the grandchildren's face when I was revealed was worth all the practicing and all the nervousness and going out there and singing.

"It was worthwhile just watching their faces when I was revealed."

The Masked Singer continues on Saturday at 7pm on ITV.

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