MAFS UK fans fuming over ‘disgusting’ decision to let Matt and Whitney stay on E4 show

Married At First Sight UK viewers were left shocked on Thursday night, after the team of experts finally revealed whether Matt Murray and Whitney Hughes could continue to remain in the experiment as a couple.

Both Matt and Whitney had originally been married to other people, but during the course of the show, had fallen for each other instead and decided to seek the expert’s blessing in order to continue to explore their romance while in the constraints of the experiment.

On Thursday, the panel decided to grant them permission to remain on the show, as they revealed they were a “match on paper”.

Fans at home were quick to share their thoughts on the decision on social media, with the vast majority of people condemning the show for rewarding infidelity and “making a mockery” of the process.

“Just watching tonight’s episode. So Whitney and Matt are being allowed to continue to participate. Sorry but that’s the wrong decision experts,” wrote one fan before continuing: “This for me is no longer an experiment I can watch. It’s now 'wife swap UK' in my mind. Total disrespect for Gemma and Duka.”

“No no no! Just wrong! Going to stop watching if they stay! goodbye!” Added another fan.

A third viewer also didn’t hold back as they wrote: “Disgusting decision letting Whitney and Matt back into the experiment. It’s disrespectful to those hurt, the process, and the other couples. They shouldn’t get away with their vile behaviour towards other humans”

Another cynical viewer also agreed it was a bad decision, and claimed it was likely for the ratings rather than any real commitment to supporting a blossoming romance.

They wrote: “Let's face it a precedent has been set every cheating couple gets to stay because, ratings. But I'd love to see the experts run through reasons they didn't match them. One of the guys said it yesterday, Matt and Whitney are what each other want not what they need."

Another fan also echoed a similar sentiment as they added: “No way! I'm SHOCKED the so called Experts allowed #Matt & #Whitney back in. I hope they get a FROSTY reception. This is a stab in the back for #Gemma #Duka & reward bad behaviour. Done purely for tv ratings.”

Several of the scathing comments online were also surprisingly witty, with one fan even likening their relationship to the sinking of the titanic.

“Allowing Matt & Whitney back into the experiment will be frostier than the Iceberg that hit the Titanic,” they quipped.

Some fans were however, keen to see how things panned out, with one fan wondering if there could be friction for the couple in the coming days.

“My pal has just messaged me & said she can’t wait for Matt n Whitney to have a row,” wrote one fan.

Another also weighed in on Matt’s earlier relationship with Gemma, as they reflected on how they hadn’t been compatible from day one.

They wrote: “Now the way Whitney and Matt got together was not the most ideal but is everyone ignoring that from the moment Gemma met Matt she gave him the ultimate ick with her potty mouth? There was no coming back from that I’m sorry.”


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