Love Island's Michael could be picking Amber just to stay in the show, says Dr Alex

LOVE Island's Dr Alex George has hinted Michael Griffiths is trying to woo Amber Gill to stay in the show adding some islanders are playing games.

The 2018 star has questioned whether he is stepping up his pursuit of the Geordie lass as he has no other option.

He faces competition from Irish lad Greg O’Shea, 24, as tonight will see her pick between the two in a recoupling.

Dr Alex said: “The difficulty is — what reason is he picking her for?

“Hopefully it's for the right reasons. It is hard to tell. Only Amber will really understand what's going and what's actually happening between the two of them.

“I think if they like each other they should give it a go but I hope it's for the right reason.”

A preview of tonight’s ITV2 episode shows Ovie Soko, 28, advising Amber about her choice.

It comes after Michael and Amber snogged in last night's episode following the booting of Joanna Chimonides, who Michael, 27, coupled up with and dumped Amber, 21, for.

Ovie tells Amber: “Going back with Michael, your heart could get shattered again but you like him more than Greg, that's the reality.

"The connection you have with Michael is much stronger than the connection you have with Greg.

"And at the end of the day, to win big, you've got to bet big."

Dr Alex, now in a relationship with former Ibiza Weekender star Amelia Bath, told The Sun there are some on the show that will do anything to stay on it for as long as possible.

He said: “I think some people will stay on the show and will make choices based on how to stay in the villa so yeah absolutely some people do that and it is a gameshow for some.

“It's very difficult to see from the outside and not being in the show. It's really hard to accurately predict who is or isn't playing games. You only see a very short amount of time.”

The NHS doctor has been campaigning with to raise awareness of applying sun cream when basking in the heat.

A study revealed 31 per cent admit to sunbathing in the buff and one in four have a penchant for skinny dipping.

He was the subject of scrutiny last year when his skin appeared red on screen.

But Alex clarified: “I always use factor 50 to make sure my skin doesn't burn.

“I was taking medication then which unfortunately made my skin very sensitive to sunlight even though I was using factor 50 in the Palma sun for ten, 12 hours a day. And of course I have a light skin complexion so it can come across quite light on TV.

“But I've highlighted the issue and hopefully it can have some positive outcome.”

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