Love Island’s Indiyah talks ‘disgusting’ habit which will make her vomit on show

Love Island contestant Indiyah Polack has revealed a common habit that she finds “disgusting" and claimed it will make her “vomit” in the villa

The 23-year-old beauty from London has said that she is put off my anyone who burps loudly around her and it would drive her nuts on a daily basis.

When asked what would be her nightmare co-stars to live around, she said: “Someone that burps out loud. The really loud, disgusting burp.

“That just puts me off completely. Hopefully they’ll do it on the inside and not let me hear it, because I’ll be sick…”

She went on to reveal that people “dancing” and “cringey jokes” give her the ick.

“Dancing. Routine dancing on TikTok or like really cringey jokes. It sends me up the wall.

“So yeah, dancing. Routine, cringey jokes. Just being a bit of cringe-bag, really all around. “It’s a lot of things in one go.”

Indiyah branded herself a “bit of a player” in her VT for the show, and claimed it will take the ‘right person” to help her change her ways.

“I think it will take the right person for me to tone it down and change my ways, but as I’ve said you know. But obviously, what you see of me in real life is what you’re gonna see in the villa

“So depending on who you are and how you make me feel. If I feel like you’re good enough or like you’re the right person for me to change my ways then maybe I will!”

The stunning star was then asked if she’ll be bringing sweet or spicy vibes into the villa.

“I think a bit of both. Obviously you’ll see when I get in there but a bit of both and just a lot of vibes.

“A lot of energy. I feel like I’m a very easy-going, easy to talk to person.

“You know, depending on who I speak to. They might bring out my spicy side, they might bring out my sweet side. It really depends.”

Speaking about why she is doing the ITV show, Indiyah said: "I feel like I’m at a stage in my life now where I’m ready to meet new people and start dating properly.

Love Island returns for its eighth series on Monday 6 June on ITV2 and ITV Hub

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