Love Island's Faye horrified as she FINALLY watches her movie night meltdown – and agrees with Ofcom complaints

LOVE Island's Faye Winter was left horrified on the reunion show as she FINALLY watched her movie night meltdown – and agreed with the Ofcom complaints.

The 26-year-old kicked off in the villa after the Islanders watched clips from Casa Amor.

Faye shouted at pretty much every male in the villa, but saved much of her rage for now-boyfriend Teddy Soares.

It lead to watchdog Ofcom receiving almost 25,000 complaints, and on Sunday's reunion show, Faye finally saw the clip for the first time.

Asked how she felt about it afterwards by host Laura Whitmore, Faye said: "I mean, there would have been another complaint if I'd watched it back, so…from myself yeah, it's not nice.

"I would have been complaining about it too, not one of my finest moments."

Laura then asked Teddy how he had felt considering how much he cared for Faye and he said: "Yeah that was painful, obviously I've not watched that back either.

"Living in the moment it was painful to see how she was hurt, but we've moved on so far from it, like it's unreal."

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Asked why she had got to that point, Faye said: "I think it was just mixed emotions for all of the girls.

"And the build up for every clip that came through and unfortunately everyone just got the wrath of me."

She then turned to her fellow islanders in the studio and said: "Sorry guys, sorry all."

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