Love Island's Casa Amor looks very different without firepit or seats just weeks before filming starts in Majorca

LOVE Island's villa is most often seen seen littered with bronzed young wannabes and echoing to the sound of broken hearts.

But with just weeks to go until the hit show bursts back onto our screens, the lavish Majorca pad lies eerily quiet.

Our pictures of the famous Casa Amor show the place totally deserted as ITV prepares to bring back its blockbuster dating show.

There's no firepit visible and the luridly-coloured sun loungers and decking for 'cracking on' are nowhere to be seen.

The 'second' villa is the place where producers turn the screws on couples by splitting them up and sticking them with a bunch of hot new singles.

However, it didn't look like itself without the brightly-coloured beanbags or jokey signage the show is known for.

The pristine blue pool – which Love Island contestants famously almost never use – is shown sitting empty alongside its perfectly-swept surroundings.

And all was quiet at the front of the house, usually the scene of relationship scandals, pranks and rambling 'pull you for a chat' conversations.

Also absent is the 'Casa Amor' title that appears outside the villa in one of the hedges, to help viewers tell which luxury villa they are looking at.

Love Island is set to return to our screens at the beginning of June and run for eight weeks until August.

However, the location of the show – which has been filmed inboth Majorca and South Africa is the past – has not yet been officially revealed.

And the main house near to Casa Amor in the Spanish countryside doesn't look any more prepared for an influx of horny young Brits.

It was shown with crumbling walls, no Hideaway and no outdoor kitchen, in pictures we brought you last week.

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