Love Island fans brand show a fix as Siannise and Nas are saved – to keep Rebecca row going – The Sun

LOVE Island fans have called the show a "fix" after Siannise Fudge and Nas Majeed were kept in the show last night.

Islanders heard during last night's episode that the public have been voting for their least favourite couple – and either Sophie Piper, 23, or Connor Durman, 25, will be dumped from the villa.

Viewers of the show believe TV bosses wanted to keep the beauty consultant, 25, in because of the ongoing tension she has with Rebecca Gormley, 21.

Fans took to Twitter to point out that Siannise and 23-year-old Nas aren't even in a romantic couple – but were still somehow kept in.

One said: "Well that’s clearly a fix given all the reports that the crew were desperate for Siannise to stay, and told her to make a move on Connagh. As if the public chose her and Nas over Sophie and Connor an actual couple!"

A third said: "Love island last night was the biggest fix I’ve ever seen."

Another tweeted: "This seasons #LoveIsland is such a fix, Rebecca was deffo told to couple up with Luke T to stir the pot and now he’s safe from a public vote."

A fifth wrote: "@LoveIsland tonights results are surely a fix after the little squabble between siannese and rebecca. No way should it be Conner and sophie bottom 2."

It's not been an easy ride for Siannise after each boy she's shown an interest in has been taken off her by Geordie lass Rebecca.

The Bristol beauty first coupled up with sports graduate Nas – but they soon agreed that there was no spark between them and remained friends.

Welshman Connagh Howard, 27, was sent into the villa to stir things up and he certainly caught her eye.

However, Rebecca swooped in and coupled up with Connagh – leaving Siannise down in the dumps about if she would ever find love on the show.

After a slow start newbie Luke Trotman, 22, also caught the Bristolian's eye – but once again the potential for something to blossom was ruined after Rebecca after she coupled up with the lad that Siannise was interested in.

The 25-year-old is currently coupled up with Nas and now either Sophie Piper, 23, or Connor will be dumped from the villa on tonight's show.

Siannise pulled Rebecca aside for a chat to discuss how she felt about the situation that the former Miss Newcastle had left her in during last nights episode.

She said: “If that was me, I would have made my intentions clear and then no one would have got upset.

"I’m a very girls’ girl, so that was a bit of a shock to me. [It’s happened] twice now. Connagh, obviously I was trying to get to know him.

"I felt you two had a better connection, so I left that alone and let you get on with it.

"And now obviously Luke T’s come in and I felt like I had a connection with him and it’s happened again… I would have preferred it if you’d been a bit upfront.”

Rebecca replied: "I know you’re saying girl code, I didn’t go out of my way to hurt anyone.

"You weren’t coupled up with him and I took him off you, you just had a date with him.”

Siannise added: "I completely get that. You can pick whoever you want.

"I just feel like you dealt with it the wrong way and you should have made your intentions clearer as then I wouldn’t have been upset.”

The pair continued to argue but Siannise decided to end the conversation, saying: "I’m going to nip this in the bud now…. You enjoy your time."

The following evening Rebecca asked Siannise for another chat saying: “I need to have a chat as I can’t stand this tension any longer.”

However, the two didn't seem to sort out their differences as they kept bickering and Siannise didn't hold back about how she felt.

She said: "I think the way you've handled things, and I think everyone will agree with me on this, is not cool and you know what, like I have an interest in Luke T as well, I'm open to getting to know him and he's open to getting to know me."

Rebecca told her to "crack on" and the pair ended the argument by storming off.

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