Love Island bombshell Ellie Spence reveals horrifying near-death experience after 'ripping her leg off' | The Sun

LOVE Island bombshell Ellie Spence has told of how she was "30 seconds from death" after "ripping her leg off" in a freak accident.

Ellie, who was 18 at the time, was on a night out celebrating the end of her A Level exams.

The 25-year-old says she was returning to a friend's home at 3am when she slipped while climbing over a fence and "completely ripped her leg off".

Her leg impaled the spear – 3mm away from a major artery.

Ellie was later told by paramedics she was 30 seconds away from bleeding out to death.

Ellie told Johnny Seifert's Secure The Insecure podcast "It was the scariest night of my life and a night I will never ever, ever forget. It has completely shaped who I am."


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Explaining in her own words what happened, she added: "I unfortunately climbed to the top and in between the spears, I was resting my foot in between the spears, and it slipped, and I impaled myself in like the crease of where my leg is.

"It pretty much hung off it backwards and ripped front of my leg right round to the back of my bum and I just completely ripped my leg off. 

"I just remember hanging there in so much pain. So panicked. I mean, adrenaline running, like disorientated, just thinking like, I'm gonna die. And I was just like, I'm just gonna die. 

"Everything was running through my mind, like my mom and dad are basically going to have to bury me now, I can't believe I've done this. And I just gave up, I just stopped responding to my best friend Livy who literally I owe her my life. And I just stopped responding. And I just laid there and just, I just carried on letting my leg rip. And I just Yeah, I just laid there and I was like, 'yep, I'm gonna die.'"

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