Loose Women’s Charlene White acting career exposed as The Bill clip resurfaces

Television star Charlene White has been a firm fixture on our screens as a newsreader for years.

The 40-year-old presenter has recently joined the Loose Women family but it appears that she once tried her hand at acting.

A clip of her appearing on crime drama The Bill as a teenager has come to light.

Charlene was gobsmacked when a video of her appearing in the series played out during Thursday's episode of the ITV daytime show.

The footage, which was shown as part of their throwback segment, showed a young Charlene give a statement to the police as a confident teenager.

Panelists Nadia Sawalha, Gloria Hunniford and Linda Robson were left in stitches as they watched the co-star as a young girl on The Bill.

Charlene went on to share that she wanted to become an actress when she was younger.

She revealed: "A teacher told my parents that I was quite good at drama so recommended that I went to drama school so I did part time on a scholarship for a little bit.

"I loved it, I loved doing all the bits and pieces but my parents, as immigrants, are very much like, 'acting is not a proper job, you most certainly cannot do that in the future' so when I reached 18 I was done."

She was later asked if having to give up her dream made her feel sad.

Charlene replied: ""I don't know, I sometimes think if they'd have allowed me, where would I be now?

"But you wouldn't have me here if I'd done that, it's all worked out alright!"

The acting bug seems to be a common in Charlene's family as she went on to share the exciting news that her nephew Kalen had been signed by Disney.

The young star is set to appear alongside Jude Law in upcoming movie Peter Pan and Wendy.

Proud aunt Charlene said: "Kalen has just signed with Disney. We grew up with Kalen's mum Vanessa, and he's flying off to Canada with his dad as his chaperone and he's going to be filming Peter Pan with Jude Law and Yara Shahidi.

"He's going to be the lead lost boy so we are very, very, very proud of him.

"In five years time he may not even remember who I am. Charlene who? Who's this?"

Bird of a Feather star Linda, 62, went on to suggest that Kalen may be able to help her win a role in one of his films in the. future.

Charlene joked: ""And I'd have to say no, I'm a Loose Woman now!"

ITV News broadcaster Charlene has won viewers over since joining the panel of the ITV daytime show earlier this year replacing long-time anchor Andrea McLean.

Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV at 12.30pm

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