Loose Women's Carol McGiffin under fire for defending pro-Trump rioters saying 'they're not being heard'

LOOSE Women's Carol McGiffin came under fire from viewers after defending the pro-Trump mob who overran the US Capitol yesterday.

The 60-year-old panellist insisted: "This is what happens when people are not listened to."

It came after hundreds of Donald Trump supporters stormed the government building as lawmakers met to certify the results of November's election.

At least four people died and several others were seriously injured in clashes after rioters fought cops and pushed their way inside the Capitol.

But Carol spoke up for the cause on live TV today saying: "The violence was absolutely shocking and criminal damage is never acceptable for any reason.

"But I do understand why the people were there. These people are angry – this is what happens when people are not listened to.

"Whether or not you or I think they have a case for the alleged fraud in the election. Whether or not you or I think it's stolen from them, they're not being heard.

"The evidence they do have has not been heard by some of the courts."

She added: "Violence is always perpetuated by the minority. There were thousands and thousands of people there yesterday. "

Some viewers were shocked, writing: "Carol is not serious, is she?" and: "Absolutely ridiculous Carol."

Another wrote: "I honestly can’t believe what I’ve just watched. Carol read the god damn room."

Another tweeted: "Carol McGiffin defending the Trump supporters on @loosewomen ?? Loose Women handled the chat about Trump appallingly."

Meanwhile, one asked: "How is she allowed to spread misinformation on live tv? and to sympathise with these criminals is insane and just clown behaviour."

However, one viewer hailed her as "the only one with any sense" on the programme.

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