Little People's pregnant Audrey Roloff enjoys fair with husband Jeremy & two kids as Tori breaks down over miscarriage

AUDREY Roloff enjoyed a trip to the fair with her parents, husband Jeremy, and two kids, despite her sister-in-law's tragic breakdown over her miscarriage.

The Little People Big World star has been flaunting her third pregnancy despite Tori and Zach's devastating loss earlier this year.

Audrey, 30, took to Instagram on Tuesday night to document a fun family day at the state fair.

The reality star watched as her three-year-old daughter Ember bounced high in the air on a bungee jump trampoline.

The tiny tot wore a light pink dress and matching pink cowgirl boots as she was shot into the sky on the kiddie attraction.

Later, Audrey and her kids went to the fair petting zoo where they watched tortoises walk by in slow motion.

The whole family then cheered as the TV personality's father hung from a pole while he tried to beat the one-minute limit and win a prize.

"They make the bar move and it's slippery of course," she told fans of the challenge.

"Otherwise my dad could do this in his sleep. He's been doing 80 pullups a day for decades.

"Yes, you read that right," she reasoned.

Audrey and Jeremy then strapped their little ones in tight for a carousel ride, a Cars' themed merry-go-round, and a mini rollercoaster shaped like a caterpillar.

Alongside an adorable photo of her parents and Ember, the mother of two asked her fans if they grew up "going to the county fair."

In a sweet family photo of the couple, their daughter, and one-year-old son Bode, she then explained her own experience.

"I grew up going to the state fair every year, it was a commitment in our family," she told her followers.

"Like worth missing sports over (which if you know my family is saying a lot)," she joked.

Audrey continued: "But I'm realizing in my adult life that most of my friends didn't grow up going to fairs."


The redhead's fun day with family followed Tuesday's heartwrenching episode of LPBW, where Tori and Zach opened up about their miscarriage.

In a confessional, Zach admitted that the couple started telling their family about the pregnancy "at week two."

"The first couple of weeks I was feeling pretty sick, but then leading up to the doctor's appointment I had been feeling better, which in hindsight, I guess, wasn't a good thing," Tori explained.

Although their appointment started off "pretty standard", they noticed the"tone of the room kind of shifted."

"You realize maybe something's not right here."

Through her tears, Tori continued: "Everyone says that it was not something that I did or something we did.

"It was just this baby wasn't viable for life, but it's hard to not wonder what happened on that day."

The mother of two said "the hardest part" of losing the baby was that she already felt "back to normal" afterward.

Zach confessed that it was "upsetting to watch Tori go through this" and he now has more "empathy" for women that miscarry.

Despite Tori's tragic loss, both of her sisters-in-law are currently pregnant.

Audrey and Jeremy will welcome their third child in November of 2021, while Isabel and Jacob will welcome their first baby in December.


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