'Little Couple' Stars Bill Klein, Dr. Jen Arnold Talk Adoption, Falling In Love With Will & Zoey Immediately

A new season of The Little Couple is finally airing on TLC and fans have a great episode coming up on Tuesday night. Everybody has been watching as Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey did some househunting in Florida, and it looks as if they’ve finally found their new place. As they show the kids the new house, they also open up about building their family via adoption.

Fans of The Little Couple followed Jen and Bill in early seasons as they first adopted Will and then Zoey. Both kids had some significant challenges to work through in transitioning to their new family, but the children seem to be doing great now.

During a sneak peek for the next episode shared by People, Jen and Bill share some insight into the challenges they endured while building their family. Klein admits that early on, he thought that he’d struggle to connect with a child if there wasn’t a genetic tie between them. That’s not an uncommon concern for many families as they consider adoption, and Bill says in retrospect it was a selfish attitude on his part.

Jen and Bill tried surrogacy for quite some time, and they pursued having children via traditional methods as well. Ultimately, however, the Little Couple stars got more serious about the idea of adoption and now Klein says he’s thankful for who the kids are now and how amazing their journey has been.

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Adding onto that, Bill says that as soon as he saw the first picture of Will during their adoption process, he immediately fell in love. Jen concurred, and the Little Couple stars added that they felt the same way about Zoey.

The sneak peek into the next episode shows some adorable moments with Zoey, who clearly loves the home her parents picked out in Florida. Both kids have really come out of their shell and provided plenty of comic relief in each episode.

Jen shares plenty of updates on the kids via her Instagram page and it looks like they’ve adapted well to Florida. Recent updates show Will learning to ride a bike and both kids enjoying some time riding horses. The kids love the beach, their pool, and their school, and they’re getting in lots of visits to museums, Disney, and with extended family.

The Little Couple fans often wonder if Bill Klein and Jen Arnold might adopt for a third time at some point, and there have been hints in the past that it might be a possibility. For now, though, it seems as if Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey are enjoying life as it is at this point and fans are thrilled to see them all doing so well.

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