Lisa Vanderpump Is Still Filming ‘RHOBH’ Amid Exit Rumors

Amidst the drama surrounding Lisa Vanderpump and her “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” co-stars, it’s been rumored that the 58-year-old reality TV star are considering to walk away from the Bravo series. In addition, the fact Lisa has been opting out some occasions that also feature the other Housewives further fuels the rumors.

Lina Rinna claimed on Instagram that Lisa, who decided not to attend Camille Grammer‘s wedding last week in Hawaii, had not “shown up for work” in six weeks. “Why hasn’t Lvp filmed with us for over 6 weeks? I have no beef with her,” she wrote. “Who does that? Who doesn’t show up for work?”

However, a new report has suggested that Lisa has been filming the show, but alone. “She films multiple days a week,” multiple sources reveal to Entertainment Tonight. “Much of her filming has been focused around her charity and philanthropic work within the LGBT community and her activism for dog rescue.”

The sources add that Lisa has been focusing on philanthropy since the death of her brother Mark in May. “Anytime you lose a family member you reflect on the important things in life. Her brother’s passing drove her to be even more passionate about her philanthropic endeavors and appreciate every day with her family,” the source shares.

In related news, Lisa seemingly has confirmed the feud between her and other Housewives. One fan posted a lenghty post explaining her opinion on why Lisa sat out Camille’s wedding, and Lisa’s response to the post was definitely shocking.

“Really wish people would read the news before commenting on here and asking why you weren’t at Camille’s wedding! Why would you be on the back of what they all done to you!” the fan wrote. “1) @lisarinna uploading a pic of cupcakes on your birthday with pills on them, spiteful nasty woman! She knew what she was doing on the back of you losing your brother so tragically!”

The fan went on pointing out how Dorit Kemsley got “a puppy from @vanderpumpdogs then claiming it bit her kid so she gave it to a friend, who then gave it to another shelter then having the audacity to blame YOU when the story came out on @radargram and the group accuse you of selling the story. well that wasn’t true because even radar editor came out and categorically stated it wasn’t you!!!!”

The post caught Lisa’s attention. The star then replied to the post, surprisingly writing, “someone’s paying attention.” Lisa didn’t seem to try denying or hiding the tension, if anything, she appeared to confirmed the drama. Fans may expect that things will probably get more intense soon after the other Housewives learn about this.

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