Line of Duty fans ‘work out’ Jo Davidson’s real identity after seeing photo clue

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Line of Duty fans are convinced they have worked out who the sinister DCI Jo Davidson really is after she has been revealed to be a bent copper.

During Sunday's episode, she was given the role of Acting Superintendent after throwing Ian Buckells under the bus to throw the scent off of her.

But whilst fans know that she is corrupt, many are convinced there is a lot more to her backstory that is yet to be revealed.

In scenes shown during the series, Jo lives in a plush flat by herself, which features a number of complex locks on her front door to keep unwanted intruders out.

Not only that, she has got family photos on a table in the living room, where a younger version of herself can be seen cuddling a woman, suspected to be her mother.

Fans couldn't help noticing that she bore a strong resemblance to Anne Marie McGillis, John Corbett's mum who was murdered in Northern Ireland, and had a brief romance with Hastings.

Some have taken to social media to share their theories that she could be the secret daughter of either Ted Hastings or late OCG leader Tommy Hunter.

One posted: "Plot twist, Jo Davidson is Ted's daughter. The picture frame she has of her and her mother, thats the lady Ted used to see back in Northern Ireland!"

Another added: "My #LineofDuty theory is that Kelly McDonald is Ted’s daughter."

A third said: "Is the bent Jo Tommy's daughter or is she avenging her mother's death who was in the OCG? I reckon there's going to be a massive twist with her though."

A fourth chipped in: "My theory is this – Jo Davidson is related to Tommy from series 1, possibly daughter. There definitely a link as Buckells was playing with his golf clubs and Tommy was a golfer. Need to watch series 2,3,4,5 asap!"

A fifth agreed: "Tommy Hunter, that’s H for Hunter, he was also Scottish, is Jo Davidson his Daughter? Really Jo Hunter?"

At the end of the episode, Jo was revealed to have a DNA match with someone who is on the police database files.

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