Liam and Bernice share Christmas kiss while Leyla suffers alone in Emmerdale

Christmas is a tough time for anyone to be alone, as Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) is about to find out first hand in Emmerdale. But while she’s left contemplating the harsh realities of life on the big day, her not-yet-ex-husband Liam (Jonny McPherson) is out getting it on with someone else.

It’s a cruel, cruel world. After working hard to beat her all-consuming addiction, Leyla finally returned to the village in the hope of patching up her marriage. Unfortunately for them both, their reunion was not what they expected, and they came to the sad decision that their relationship was over.

But deep-down there is a big question mark over if this is what Leyla truly wanted. She wasn’t quite ready to let go and was left utterly crushed when Liam asked her for a divorce. Now with Christmas approaching, she’s facing a freshly difficult time.

Liam is also feeling vulnerable, being straight out of his relationship. He’s grateful when he receives a few invites for Christmas, a little too grateful perhaps as he readily accepts them all. This of course means he has bitten off way more than he can chew, literally as well as figuratively.

His first visit of the day is to the Dingles, who feel sorry for the lonely doc and ply him with food. He’s worried by the size of their servings, knowing he has two other visits to make. But without wanting to be rude, he eats the lot.

He then heads to Rishi’s, who also has an abundance of food waiting for him. Liam’s full to bursting and under the influence when he heads over to Bernice’s place. She has a special plate of food piled high just for him, and he gets the meat sweats as he realises he has to down this grub too.

Bernice is also in a vulnerable state, having just had her diagnosis of the menopause, and is enjoying taking care of Liam, who is stuffed to the gills and worse for wear. Feeling a spark, she goes in for the kiss.

Meanwhile, a lonely Leyla is by herself next door with a sad little Christmas meal for one.

Will Liam betray Leyla before they’ve even had a chance to sign the divorce documents? Could news of him moving on tup her over the edge?

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