Lewis Capaldi has temporarily moved to London in a bid to escape Nicola Sturgeon’s draconian lockdown laws

STOCK up the pubs and kebab shops – my favourite singer Lewis Capaldi has arrived in London.

And who could blame him, after Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon shut down half the boozers in Scotland?

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Lewis arrived on Friday and met up with pals on Saturday to enjoy the delights of the capital — with onlookers revealing he had joked about leaving lockdown behind.

An onlooker said: “Lewis was in great ­spirits when he touched down in ­central London.

"He was at the Corinthia hotel with some mates and they were joking about having to come to London to have a drink.

“It was all in good spirits and Lewis was on top form, as always.”

But while the weekend was all about play, Lewis has some serious business to attend in the capital.

Sources revealed how the chart-topper will now spend the following two weeks polishing off songs for his second album.

Lewis was spotted dragging his suitcase through the capital and stopping for selfies with fans as he prepared to move into his next hotel.

An insider explained: “Lewis spent lockdown writing at home in Scotland for his next record. Now he’s got the task of finishing what he started.

“He’s booked himself into a hotel and will spend a fortnight putting pen to paper with top producers.

“Lewis wrote lots of tunes back at home and now it’s going to be a case of going through everything he has worked on and seeing where it can be improved or added to.

"He let off some steam over the weekend but now he’s focused on working on the record. It’s a really exciting time and he’s looking forward to trying to get into a studio soon.”

Lewis confirmed in May that he was preparing to release new music early next year and said he had already penned 30 songs for the offering.

His debut album, Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent, is still the best-selling album of this year and his next offering is all his fans can talk about.

 Knowing Lewis, the wait will be well worth it.

Let’s give him a round of applause

LEW likes a knees-up as much as the rest of us, so I’m not surprised he’s come to the smoke to escape his homeland. Stuffy Nicola Sturgeon is fast giving Scotland an even wetter reputation after she locked down the boozers.

Now, I am no Covidiot. I wear my mask with the best of them and stick to the rules. But when it comes to shutting down my local, we’ve got a problem on our hands.

PM Boris has done his level best to keep our pubs open because not only will they die off without us, but we need them too.

A drink in a safe, socially distanced environment has kept a lot of us sane. And we can’t all be judged by the jokers who’ve not followed the rules and played cricket while a bit p***ed up in Peckham.

So I for one am applauding Lewis for making the most of what London has to offer and enjoying a Saturday evening out with his pals.

He is only doing what any of us would.

Hell, anyone in Scotland is welcome down here for a drink if they fancy it, and if I see you on the table next to me, I’m buying.      Using the pub’s app, obviously . . .

You'll go bananas for Jama

I COULDN’T take my eyes off the view in Maya Jama's latest Instagram snap. And I’m not talking about the ocean.

Maya – who is fast becoming the most in-demand woman in British showbusiness – posed for a picture in a yellow bikini which she wore with a denim bucket hat.

In the caption she wrote: “Escapism,” hinting that she had quit the UK for warmer shores.

And who could blame her? Since lockdown started Maya’s feet have barely touched the ground.

As well as appearing on Peter Crouch's BBC show Save Our Summer, Maya has been working on launching her own high-end cosmetics collection.

I exclusively revealed in August how the telly star was creating her own brand, due out later this year. Enjoy the break, Maya. You more than deserve it.

She's Zoe sexy

I CAN see Zoe Kravitz has got the hang of playing Catwoman – she’s totally sexy.

The daughter of rocker Lenny looked stunning in this all-black leather-look outfit as she filmed in my home town of Liverpool for the new Batman film.

The behind-the-scenes pictures also gave us another glimpse of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne.

Dressed in a black suit, R-Patz doesn’t appear to have bulked up like previous stars Ben Affleck and Christian Bale to play the Caped Crusader.

R-Patz was filming a funeral scene outside the city’s St George’s Hall, which is doubling as Gotham Hall.

This all looks a bit unfamiliar for long-time Batman fans but it can’t be worse than Affleck’s attempt.

Word up, Willis

MATT Willis's children won’t be getting a bedtime story from him – because he’s never finished a book.

The Busted star, who has three kids with presenter wife Emma, insists he isn’t illiterate, though.

He said: “I have a bookshelf in my house that is filled with hundreds of books and I’ve never read one of them. Never.”

He told the When No One’s Watching ­podcast: “I suddenly thought, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever read a whole book in my life’.

"Don’t get me wrong, I have read things. I’ve started ­hundreds. Loads. I kind of lose interest.”

I dream of Amy doing ironing

MITCH Winehouse has revealed he believes his late daughter Amy visits him in his dreams.

The singer, who passed away in 2011, was incredibly close to her dad and it is this bond which Mitch said he believes still binds them together.

Speaking about seeing and speaking with Amy, Mitch said: “I dream about her fairly frequently. It’s nothing like a clap of thunder.

“It’s like we’re just sitting down having a cup of tea or she’s ironing or something. Or hoovering . . . the last one she was hoovering. I’ve had incredible proof, incredible because I do believe in life after death. I truly believe she’s with me. It’s comforting.”

Amy was 27 years old when she died at her North London home from alcohol poisoning.

Mitch was speaking ahead of a special release of some of Amy’s best work. The Collection, five CDs featuring her albums Frank, Back To Black and Lioness: Hidden Treasures, will drop on November 27.

But while we remember Amy for her musical genius, Mitch also revealed she was a mean Sudoku player and would tease him about his inability to understand the numbers game.

Speaking on The Michael Anthony Show podcast, out today, Mitch added: “She’d do Sudoku, like the most complicated Sudoku and cryptic crosswords.

“She was very creative and very smart, from her mother’s side. Sudoku, they couldn’t make it hard enough for her.

"I’d look at it and go, ‘What is this? It’s a jumble of numbers’. She’d look at it and go, ‘Dad, come on!’ ”

Not decked out

ROBBIE Williams’ exit from Take That almost split another Nineties act.

On a drunken night at a hotel, the singer asked Ant and Dec – aka PJ & Duncan – if he had made a mistake leaving the boyband.

And the chat made Dec question if he should go it alone, too.

He said: “We had a few drinks and Robbie asked us if we thought he’d made the right decision.  That did make me wonder if I should leave PJ & Duncan, but I thought better of it.”

I couldn’t live in a world without Ant and Dec.

Kylie works magic

SHE’S the most upbeat pop star on the planet but Kylie Minogue has admitted the making of her 15th album left her in meltdown.

The Aussie legend said that she struggled to focus at times because she had to record Disco, out November 6, at her London home.

Kylie explained: “It was a very different experience compared to going into studios where the doors shut, you have no idea what time it is and suddenly it is 7pm and you’ve not looked at your phone.

“It was lockdown and I was here on my own, so it got quite intense.

"There was a point near the end where I actually felt just so drained.”

Speaking to Music Week, Kylie added: “I’d been going at such a pace every day and juggling different writers, producers and schedules and trying to be prepared – it really wore me out.

“I had a slight, well, meltdown. Probably sounds a bit dramatic, but I realised I’d been going at such a pace because I was driven to get this done.

“And we did get it done in the end. We really wanted to make it count and direct our energy. We all just threw our best into it.”

She certainly did – and new singles Say Something and Magic are all the proof anyone needs.

All set for Scream

THIS year is lining up to be a horror story all in itself, but one scary tale I am actually looking forward to is the next instalment of Scream.

And for fans of the 1996 original, the fifth film has the same “magic”.

One of its stars, Kyle Gallner, told movie website Collider: “The people who love the original are going to really dig this.

“What I found really, really cool about the script is there’s a lot of that kind of magic that the first one had.”

The film, billed for release on January 14, 2022, will also feature original cast members including David Arquette, Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell.

Neve said of the movie: “How incredible that we have the main cast coming back. That is insane to me.

“Through the years, the franchise has done well at bringing back nostalgic aspects to the script.”

REVIEW: The Vamps Cherry Blossom


IF you ­consider The Vamps to be a cutesy group for teeny-boppers, think again.

On their fifth album, the band’s first in two years, frontman Brad Simpson oozes swagger and proves they have successfully carved out a new sound packed with bravado.

The foursome – also featuring James McVey, Tristan Evans and Connor Ball – wrote and recorded the majority of the album without other songwriters and the consistency has proven key, as it is their best record yet.

Anthemic lead single Married In Vegas features crashing keys while buoyant Better is about wanting to save a relationship.

Slick and confident Bitter seems to define their new mature brand of cool guitar pop and is one of several with hooks, which will have no trouble sticking in your head.

It’s not all balls-to-the-wall upbeat fun, though.

There are still a couple of emotional ballads in Protocol and Treading Water. That adds some much-needed balance and shows just how far these lads have come since their cookie-cutter boyband debut in 2014.

With Cherry Blossom –  out Friday – The Vamps have found their teeth.

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