Lauryn Goodman shows off flat tum just one week after giving birth to Kyle Walker’s baby amid bitter row with his ex – The Sun

LAURYN Goodman has stunned fans with her flat tum just one week after giving birth as her feud with Kyle Walker's ex intensfies.

The influencer, 29, showed off her taut tum just a little over a week bearing the footballer's love child.

She posted the sexy selfie to Instagram and captioned the post: "Managed to wash the hair! Today is going to be a good day" and added a baby and laughing face emoji.

The mum-of-one rocked a black crop top and grey tracksuit, and later explained how she managed to whip back into shape so quickly after having her son last week.

She told her fans: "I did reformer Pilates my whole pregnancy with @barefootpilateshove because I suffered with a really bad back! Think that's helped tbh! And the milk.

"Thank you honestly I exercised throughout my whole pregnancy. Always loved to exercise helps my mental health![sic]"

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram
Lauryn has been very open about her fertility struggles and life as a new mum, often reaching out to her followers for advice.

She revealed the Manchester City and England footballer was her son's dad to stop the speculation and to bring attention back to her endometriosis and fertility struggles.

That news shocked Kyle's former long-term partner Annie Kilner, 29, who had been with him for 10 years and had three children together.

Even though they had allegedly broken up when Lauryn and Kyle got together, she was clearly still fuming about their baby and took to Instagram to sledge Lauryn after she gave birth.

Annie posted on her Instagram stories last night a savage quote hitting out at "disrespectful men".

The post read: "A man who disrespects a loyal woman deserves a heartless hoe."

Now reality star Lauryn, 29, who welcomed her baby with England footballer Kyle last week, has responded to the comments.

On her own Instagram Stories, she wrote: "This is harassment. I've just had a new born baby and I'm having to deal with this on a Sunday morning."

She continued: "…I have said repeatedly, I was never ever friends with her & her using my name in the press to gain sympathy for a relationship that had ended before our babies [sic] conception is shocking."

Earlier this year The Sun exclusively revealed Kyle's long-term former partner Annie called him “gutless” after he broke the news of Lauryn's pregnancy to her over the phone.

Annie told a friend: “He’s a fool for risking his family for this. When he told me I was heartbroken. I also felt physically sick. All the air in your body leaves you.

“My world completely caved in on me in that second.

“It was the worst-case scenario, the one thing I dreaded most but knew was possible, given his track record with women.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Not only had he cheated on me but she was pregnant with his baby.”

Annie didn't stop at one post, she also revealed the baby's gender even though its parents had kept it under wraps.

Lauryn then replied with a clip of an iconic Gemma Collins moment from Celebrity Big Brother, which is supposed to mirror the feud between herself and Annie.

The short clip shows Gemma arguing with EastEnders actor John Partridge and Gemma says: “You should really try to forget about me."

John replies: "And you me."

Gemma retorts with one of her classic line: “I don’t think about you at all."

John can only muster: "I think you do," and Gemma amazingly hits back: "You do, you are obsessed with me and I love it!"

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