Lauren Conrad Has the Highest Net Worth of Any Cast Member on ‘The Hills’

TBT to when we tragically discovered that OG The Hills star Lauren Conrad wouldn’t be appearing in The Hills: New Beginnings. I know, I too am still actively recovering lol. But if you’ve ever wondered exactly how Lauren is still living a seemingly glam lifestyle without The Hills, worry not! Even without saying yes to a reboot, LC is still rolling in cash when compared to her former costars. Plus I, for one, am generally a huge fan of judging celebrity net worths as if yesterday’s Uber Eats order hasn’t left me in financial turmoil. Let’s get into it, shall we?

For starters, there’s her reality TV career…

LC first hit our screens on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County in 2004. And in case you need a reminder on just how long ago 2004 was, here is a pic of oh-so-trendy fashionista Lauren that year:

^ No, because why did we all dress like this back then?!?! Someone pls explain.

Then came The Hills, aka when Lauren moved to L.A. and was friends with (and then seriously-not-friends with) Heidi Montag. Reportedly, Lauren was paid $125,000 an episode and even had it in her contract that nobody could make as much as she did. I can’t tell if I’m repulsed or impressed. Such is life!

Her fashion career is totally legit

She’s definitely no longer just a Teen Vogue intern! Even though her first fashion line was axed pretty swiftly, the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s collection is still alive and well. And not only has Lauren has been in partnership with the retailer for over a decade, but she even went on to expand her collection in 2019, so ya gotta give credit where credit is due ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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She’s written more books than you think

Yes, Lauren Conrad *is* a New York Times best-selling author, TYVM. The reality TV star has written not one, but two young adult fiction series alongside a handful of style and beauty books. Her first Y.A. trilogy follows a girl who finds herself on a hit reality TV show…no prizes for guessing what inspired that plot line lol. She’s also been quoted as saying that she actually wrote the books herself, sans the classic celebrity-novel-staple ghostwriter. Either way, the book sales have definitely helped make her a pretty penny over the years.

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She’s worth more than anyone else from The Hills

So, it’s probably not thaaaat shocking that LC has the highest net worth of anyone on The Hills. I mean, the show *was* designed to be centered around her, after all. However, it might surprise you just how far ahead of her costars she really is. Brody Jenner (aka Kylie and Kendall’s half-brother) is in second place with an estimated $10 million, which, TBH, it’s not like he needed The Hills gig in order to be rich and famous. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, on the other hand, reportedly each have a net worth of $300,000. Now, those numbers maaaaay or may not need to be updated c/o The Hills: New Beginnings, so ya never know! Plus, momfluencing is a full-on career these days!

So, what’s Lauren Conrad actually worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, LC is worth $40 million, which is $15 million more than when we last reported on her net worth in 2019. BRB, creating a pitch deck to send to MTV as we speak because maybe, just MAYBE, a reality show is what I need in my life lol.

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