Lamar Odom says he would have died if ex-teammate and ‘brother’ Kobe Bryant could have lived – The Sun

LAMAR Odom has paid tribute to fellow sportsman Kobe Bryant following his tragic death yesterday aged just 41.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday evening, 40-year-old Lamar posted several pictures of the pair of them together during their time playing for the LA Lakers and wrote a lengthy caption alongside it.

Lamar began his tribute with: "These picture are just the tip of the iceberg of our relationship. He taught me so many things in life that were necessary on and off the court.

"On the court he taught me how to carve out defenses and how to take my time. How to make winning my ultimate goal. Off the court he taught me to sign my own checks lol (sic).

"Of course anyone who knows my story knows I’ve suffered a lot of loss but the only loss I can compare this to is when I lost my son."

The former husband of Khloé Kardashian continued: "Even though our relationship wasn’t father/son, it was more like him being a teacher and me being his brother.

"I’m glad I got to be the ying to your yang as far as the locker room was concerned. It was my pleasure."

Referring to the moment he found out the news, Lamar added: "I couldn’t even catch my breath today when I heard this news. I just knew if he was in a helicopter crash he would have been the one to survive. Somehow he would have jumped out and landed on his feet.

"I’m sitting here thinking about when we would be in practice scrimmaging and you would start the jump ball off with elbowing Sasha in the chest. Like dude it’s 10:30 in the morning lol," Lamar continued.

"You think watching him play was crazy, you gotta think in practice if you scored like 8-9 buckets throughout the practice you had a great practice. I’ve seen him knock off 13-14 in a row in practice!!!!

"I’m still waiting for the media to come out and say wrong report. No way God took my brother this early."

Lamar's post comes just hours after his ex-wife Khloe took to Twitter to acknowledge Kobe's death.

Taking to Twitter, the mom-of-one posted: "This can’t be real there’s no way!!! My heart hurts," with several broken heart emojis.

Kobe was a good friend to Lamar during his marriage to Khloé and during his recovery after he was hospitalized in 2015 after being discovered unconscious at a legal brothel in Crystal, Nevada.

Referencing his own troubles, Lamar continued: "I know I been through my own stuff in life with using drugs and not being good to myself.

"When I went through that Coma situation if God would have came to me and said we would take me and spare Kobe I would have rather that happened.

"In honor of my brother I’m up at 4am tomorrow to get to the gym! Gigi gone give you buckets!!!! I love you brother," he added.

Kobe and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna lost their lives alongside seven other people when the helicopter they were in plummeted nearly 500 feet in just 15 seconds before smashing into a Los Angeles hillside.

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