Kym Marsh ‘starting to feel pressure’ of Strictly

Strictly: Kym Marsh dedicates dance to late son Archie

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For their eighth routine of the competition, Kym Marsh and Graziano Di Prima, took on the American Smooth to Chasing Cars, which they dedicated to her late son. The pair scored 31 points for the performance, which placed them near the bottom of the leaderboard. As the results show rolled around, Kym feared she would be tackling the dance-off.

Looking at Kym’s reaction to the news she would be heading to the iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom, body language expert Darren Stanton explained the Morning Live host shows signs of struggle.

He noted: “This is perhaps the most emotional and stressed we have seen Kym for quite some weeks.

“She is obviously starting to feel the pressure of the competition as she kept apologising for making mistakes.

“I believe she really felt this was her week to leave because she was flashing lots of sadness micro expressions and had tears in her eyes.”

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren added: “She was also making gestures of placing her hand over her heart.

“I think she really felt she had let Graziano down.”

But while Kym may have felt she let down her professional dance partner, she still impressed viewers at home.

“Despite her apparent nerves, the public have clearly not had enough of Kym as they voted her to stay another week,” Darren continued.

“Kym was absolutely ecstatic by the outcome and the relief clearly showed across her face as the results were announced.”

It’s not yet been revealed what Kym and Graziano will be dancing to next but the pair will be hoping to top the leaderboard.

Kym has previously spoken about almost quitting the BBC dance competition when she felt she could not longer continue.

She explained she had a panic attack during rehearsals: “I just lost my confidence completely.

“I went to pieces and said, ‘I don’t think I can do this.

“At that moment I wasn’t sure I could even carry on with the show.”

Kym credited her co-star Hamza Yassin for supporting her and encouraging the host to continue.

“He just calmed me down and tried to remind me, ‘We’re only dancing,’” she wrote in The Sun.

Speaking about her partner Graziano, Kym revealed: “He’s just the most incredible man and we’ve got really close, even though he had no idea who I was beforehand.

“Now he comes over to our house once a week for dinner.”

Can Kym and Graziano make it past the Blackpool Tower Ballroom and all the way to the final?

Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday on BBC One at 7.45pm.

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