Kelly 'accepts her fate' in dramatic murder exit story reveals Corrie star

As Kelly Neelan’s exit from Coronation Street is almost upon us, Millie Gibson has been talking about the shocking climax of her story and how Kelly is brought to rock bottom as things get out of her control.

She hires thug Kieron to kill Gary Windass (Mikey North), after discovering that he was the one who killed her father, Rick. But Kieron double crosses her, saying he’s going to kill her and make it look like she killed Gary and then killed herself.

‘She’s been a bit naïve and underestimated the types of people her dad dealt with,’ Millie says. ‘It bites back at her.’

During a tense showdown on a rooftop in a deserted part of Weatherfield, Kelly realises that her life may be about to end. Millie describes how Kelly is feeling at that point.

’I think she’s utterly rock bottom. There’s only so many times she can hit rock bottom before it finally gets to her, from being in prison, being kidnapped and then this. I think it’s really got to her now. I think she’s just accepted her fate.’

She says that the way the scenes play out will keep viewers on the edge of their seats as the storyline reaches its peak.

‘Every single time I was reading the scripts I was thinking “Oh gosh!”’ she reveals.

‘Even though we all knew this was going to eventually come of age, it happened in a way you wouldn’t expect.’

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