Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo ripped for 'laughing at someone getting hurt' in TikTok reaction video

JINGER Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo were ripped by fans for "laughing at someone getting hurt" in a TikTok reaction video.

In the split-screen, Jeremy, 33, and Jinger, 27, were both watching a TikTok video of two people slipping and falling. 

In the TikTok vid they shared, the clip started off with one person walking across and sliding down the stairs on their butt. 

When the first person landed on the floor, the second person followed after and also slid down the steps on their butt.

Both people crashed into each other on the floor. 

From their Amazed page, Jeremy and Jinger continued laughing as they watched the pratfalls. 


Counting On fans were not pleased in the comments section with the reality star couple poking fun at an accident. 

One fan stated: "No hate. But this isn't Christ like," while another wrote, "Why would he laugh at someone's pain?"

A third person added: "I did not find this funny, a Christian should not act like that. Sorry, Jesus would not laugh."

A commentator mentioned: "Finally!! Jinger and Jeremy have shown their true colors. You two are ridiculous."

One pointed out: "Wow! Not funny!"


Recently, Jinger's husband was slammed for insisting there are "only two religions" in a video on his new spiritual TikTok video.

The former soccer player said: "When you boil it down, there are actually only two religions.

"One is the religion of man's achievements and the other is the religion of Jesus' achievements. The one says you can earn salvation, nirvana or freedom by what you do."

While explaining that "Jesus had a different message," the ex sports star continued: "The Bible tells us that no one can be saved by keeping works of the law. But only through faith in Jesus Christ, through faith in what Jesus Christ has done in his life – life, death, and resurrection." 

He concluded: "What can you do to obtain your salvation? Or what did Jesus Christ do to obtain salvation for you?"


Jeremy and Jinger share daughters Evangeline Jo, 7 months, and Felicity, three. 

Back in April, Jinger's brother Josh Duggar, 33, was arrested and pleaded not guilty after being charged with two counts of receiving and possessing child pornography.

After the show’s cancelation, Jinger and Jeremy admitted that they “wholeheartedly agreed” with the network’s decision.

While taking to Instagram, Jinger wrote in an emotional text: "We are very grateful for TLC giving us the opportunity to be on their network over the years and their kindness towards the Vuolo family.

"It's been a remarkable journey that has opened doors to traveling and experiencing the world in a way that we wouldn't have."

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