Jimmy Kimmel slammed for ‘gross’ question to Taliban shooting survivor

Jimmy Kimmel speaks to Taliabn survivor Malala at Oscars

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Activist Malala won the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2014, two years after she received a gunshot wound to the face following a school bus attack by the Taliban. Her life-changing work as a human rights activist in Pakistan has been lauded across the globe and on Sunday evening, she was invited to rub shoulders with Hollywood A-listers at this year’s Oscars.

However, during a break in proceedings, host Jimmy Kimmel went into the audience and approached Malala.

“Great to have you here, congratulations on your movie,” he said to her before revealing he had a question from a viewer.

He continued: “This question is from Joanne from Brooklyn, New York.

“She asked, your work on human rights and education for women and children is an inspiration–as the youngest Nobel prize winner in history, do you think Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine?”

The audience laughed as Jimmy referred to the viral incident between the Don’t Worry Darling stars which took the web by storm last year.

But Malala was clearly dumbfounded by Jimmy’s line of questioning, shooting an uncomfortable look towards the camera.

“I only talk about peace,” she replied to Jimmy who himself let out a chuckle.

He answered: “You know what, that’s why you’re Malala and nobody else is.

“That’s a great answer, Malala. The winner is Malala-land, everybody,” he added as the crowd applauded.

Malala smiled but later in the ceremony, the activist was left looking rather uncomfortable once more.

An actor dressed as the bear from Cocaine Bear entered the auditorium during a skit and pestered those in attendance.

As it approached Malala, Jimmy yelled: “Cocaine bear, leave Malala alone!”

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Malala’s treatment during the ceremony left several fans at home fuming, with some even demanding Jimmy and broadcaster ABC apologise to the activist.

Twitter user @goldenrrry was baffled as they responded to a clip of the interview: “No cuz why would you even ask about that???”

While @WriteTalkCreate fumed: “Gross. Why are you treating this brave young woman with such disrespect?

“Are those in power in the entertainment industry really so threatened by her? Shameful.”

Elsewhere, @lilbabygabe pointed out: “These are not questions you ask malala a Nobel Prize winner please do better.”

While @AngelWingsYTube shared their concern: “Poor girl looked so uncomfortable.”

Paul W Warner weighed in: “This was the worst moment of the evening. The only misstep in Jimmys’ night.”

And Cairo Morales declared: “We are expecting an apology from @jimmykimmel to @Malala.” (Sic)

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