Jeremy Vine viewer interrupts Anne Diamond to shout 'big, fat c**t' live on air

Note: This article contains strong language in embedded videos and tweets.

Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 show has become a victim of trolling, as one viewer unexpectedly interrupted journalist Anne Diamond to shout “big, fat c**t” live on air.

The bizarre incident occurred during today’s episode (October 24) as Anne chatted to the caller about sharing photos of children on social media sites.

Anne asked ‘Chris from Blackpool’: “You share pictures of your daughter, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I love the idea of sharing on social media,” replied ‘Chris from Blackpool’.

The conversation continued, in a civilised manner, with Anne asking ‘Chris from Blackpool’ how old his daughter was, and so on.

And then, out of nowhere, ‘Chris from Blackpool’ said: “You’re a big fat c**t.”

“Thank you very much,” Anne replied, as she realised the caller was a BIG FAT TROLL.

Viewers watching at home were mostly aghast, though some suggested the viewer had Tourette syndrome, while others complained that Anne apologised too much for the offensive language.

One viewer wrote: “Dreadful treatment of a caller who obviously had Tourette’s! Where’s the compassion!”

“Drat. Was washing dishes and miss the foul mouth phantom phone caller,” another tweeted, while a third said: “Anne, don’t apologise for that c***.”

“@theannediamond I’d like to say that the stupid man’s comment wasn’t directed at you. He’s just attention seeking and has done the same to Jeremy and Matthew. Don’t take it personally he’s just a numbskull,” shared a fourth.

Jeremy Vine airs on Channel 5.

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