Jeremy Clarkson takes savage swipe at Piers Morgan: ‘Looked like he wet himself’

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With the coronavirus pandemic impacting television schedules across the globe, ITV has decided to air classic episodes of the Jeremy Clarkson-fronted Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on Tuesday evenings. Tonight was no different as The Grand Tour host was on hand to welcome a handful of budding quizzers to the hotseat in the hopes of pocketing the elusive £1million jackpot. However, during one player’s time on the show, Jeremy couldn’t resist a jab at his ITV colleague Piers, comparing him to a “lavatory”.

There’s certainly no love lost between Good Morning Britain host Piers and Jeremy and this was proven even further in tonight’s rerun.

The dig from Jeremy came when player Sarah faced a question about Concorde and when it too its final commercial flight.

Jeremy posed the question to Sarah before offering the possible answers as: A) 1998, B) 2003, C) 2008, or D) 2013.

Sarah struggled to land on a definitive answer, toying between answers ‘A’ and ‘B’.


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As a result, she decided to use her ‘Ask the Host’ lifeline and pose the question to Jeremy for his thoughts.

Jeremy replied: “Okay, here’s what I think. I was on its last commercial flight.”

The coincidence brought a laugh from Sarah and the ITV audience and it didn’t take long for Jeremy to bring up Piers’ name in his explanation.

He continued: “They sat me next to the lavatory – or Piers Morgan as you know him.”

The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire audience let out another laugh, but Jeremy wasn’t done there with the digs.

“I’m famously hopeless with remembering dates, we’re just going to have to work this out, aren’t we?” he continued.

The former Top Gear frontman added: “I’m tempted to say 1998.

“You see, the reason I’m working this out is I’d already fallen out with Piers Morgan by then [2003].

“So it can’t have been 2003 because I wouldn’t have poured a glass of water over his crotch to make him look like he’d wet himself,

“Which I did do,” Jeremy concluded, again leading to giggles from the crowd.

Eventually, Jeremy opted for 1998 as his answer but Sarah still wasn’t convinced.

She locked in her ’50/50′ lifeline to narrow down the options once more, which saw ‘A’ vanish from the screen.

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Jeremy let out a laugh as he realised his answer was completely wrong.

Instead, Sarah opted for ‘B’ and managed to continue onto the next round.

The stage looked set for Sarah to pocket the jackpot of £1million as she sailed through the next few questions, making it to the £125,000.

However, she stumbled on the question and went home with her safety net amount of £32,000.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is available on the ITV Hub now.

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