Jason Biggs: My Biggest Regret Is Turning Down ‘How I Met Your Mother’

The ‘American Pie’ actor is still beating himself up over turning down the role in the CBS hit TV series that would have reunited him with co-star Alyson Hannigan.

AceShowbizJason Biggs will always regret turning down a big TV payday because he wasn’t ready to tackle a small screen project.

The star reveals he was initially offered the lead role in comedy “How I Met Your Mother“, which would have reunited him and his “American Pie” co-star Alyson Hannigan, but he passed – allowing Josh Radnor to take on the role of Ted Mosby.

The CBS series was a big hit and ran for nine seasons.

“I was offered the role,” Biggs told SiriusXM’s “The Covino & Rich Show“. “It’s probably my biggest regret, you know, on passing. I think I was in a phase of, at the time – it sounds so obnoxious to say right now – but at the time it was like, ‘OK, do I want to do TV?’ “

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“I don’t know that I was quite ready to go that route.”

“Big picture, I have no regrets. I’m very lucky, very fortunate. I’m still here. That’s number one. But yeah, if I had to pick out something I wish I had done differently, I would’ve taken that gig for sure. Absolutely.”

Asked if he ever spoke to Hannigan about turning down the role, Jason added, “We’ve never really talked about it. I don’t know that she knows, actually.”

“How I Met Your Mother” also starred the likes of Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, and Cristin Milioti. It received 30 Emmy nominations and won ten.

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