James Martin and guest clash over ‘north-south divide’

James Martin and Ronnie Murray clash over fish and chips

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James Martin’s Saturday Morning introduced chef Ronnie Murray in Saturday’s episode to create carrot-top pesto with carrot salad and no waste Bhajis, served with smoked salmon. As the Peckham Manor chef was preparing to dish up, talk turned to the origins of the fish in the UK which led to another British staple, fish and chips. However, host James was less than impressed with Ronnie’s views.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning once again saw the 50-year-old chef welcome other experts into his kitchen to show off their own recipes.

This week, it was Pip Lacey and Ronnie Murray who he was sharing screen time with on the ITV morning show, talking about their love of food.

With Pip closely sat by, watching Ronnie put the finishing touches to his salad, she queried if smoked salmon originated in London.

He replied: “Yeah and fish and chips as well -“, which quickly caught James’ attention.

In response, James defensively said: “Oh come on, come on, come on, come on. Now we’re venturing up north.

“Now you’re going to tell me London fish and chips is better than the northern fish and chips.”

“It is, exactly”, Ronnie confirmed and James gave a disapproving look, shaking his head.

Pip sat by the chefs, laughing at their reactions to the north-south divide debate.

James, clearly bemused by Ronnie’s opinion, joked: “You’re not. You’re not. This is the divide. There is a line.

“I’ll allow you to cross it with smoked salmon but -“

Ronnie laughed at his co-star’s reaction before reverting back to Pip’s original question regarding smoked salmon.

He gave a bit of historical context which doesn’t exactly make the fish sound the most appealing.

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Ronnie continued: “You’re right, a lot of that stuff, by the time it came into London in the old days, the transportation wasn’t there.

“So (the salmon) was getting a bit minging. Hence, why it was smoked.

“But we should probably avoid that because that’s not good marketing… ‘Smoked salmon’s smoked because it’s slightly off!'”

Pip and Ronnie weren’t the only guests to appear on the morning show either.

James also got to speak to Good Morning Britain meteorologist Laura Tobin.

They discussed the early days of her career and why she wanted to go into weather forecasting when she was a teenager as he cooked a white chicken blanquette for her.

Laura also discussed her new book Laura Tobin: Everyday Ways to Save Our Planet, which came out last year.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs every Saturday at 9:30am on ITV.

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