ITV tease real reason for piano theme tune twist in mysterious tweet

ITV have posted a cryptic tweet to tease the reason for why some of its favourite shows have new theme tunes.

Earlier, This Morning’s Phillip Schofield teased viewers on why the theme tune to the iconic morning programme had a piano twist.

And ITV itself is continuing the fun, by revealing very little about what could be happening.

In a cryptic tweet, the channel said: "The title music of some of our shows has been given a piano twist today – all will be revealed tomorrow."

An announcer, at the beginning of the show, said: "You may notice something different about your favourite ITV theme tunes today."

When This Morning started, Phillip Schofield mimed playing the piano, saying: "Slightly different start today.

"All will become clear later on in the week."

Even Coronation Street’s Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny Connor, could not work out what was going on, but some fans have come up with some theories.

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One reckoned they completely worked it out, after listening in to an announcer.

They tweeted: "It’s 9.15 tomorrow night ITV have changed all theme tunes to piano (Elton plays piano and happens to have released tickets today) the lady said find out why tomorrow at 9.15 and looking on the listing that is an ad break!"

But others have come up with their own ideas.

One said: "Ooohhh…. Elton John John Lewis Lewis Hamilton (Ham) Ham at Xmas So is it going to be Elton and Lewis for John Lewis Xmas advert? Maybe I’m stretching this a bit far @lewishamilton"

Another said: "Is it to do with #johnlewis #EltonJohn & a #ChristmasAdvert"

Many fans, however, had no idea at all why the tunes changed.

One said: "WTF WAS WRONG WITH THE CHASE THEME TUNE??? Is there something special going to happen or what????? # TheChase # GangOfChase # ITV"

Another added: "Why are all the theme tunes on Itv in piano format tonight? Am I missing something? # Thechase # Emmerdale # Coronationstreet Baffled"

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