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The 2018 midterm elections inspired a number of celebrities and reality personalities to encourage people to go out and vote. Some of the Real Housewives posted on Instagram they voted and other Bravoebrities encouraged people to vote.

Cast member, Craig Conover from Southern Charm announced on Instagram which local candidate he supported. But that declaration was met with a wave of crazy and even angry comments, especially from frenemy Shep Rose.  When Conover made his announcement, he tried to inject that he didn’t vote based on party, but the post appeared to backfire. Plus it gave everyone a pretty good idea about what Rose thinks of President Donald Trump.

Conover was trying to be supportive

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I don’t let party lines stop me from voting for the best candidate! Good luck to one of my favorite professors from law school and a great family friend! #constanceanastopoulo

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The post was made on election day and Conover snapped a pic with the candidate. “I don’t let party lines stop me from voting for the best candidate!” Conover wrote on Instagram. “Good luck to one of my favorite professors from law school and a great family friend!” Conover (finally) graduated from the Charleston School of Law and wanted to support one of his former professors.

Conover’s professor, Democrat Constance Anastopoulo ran for attorney general and lost to incumbent Alan Wilson.

But people seemed confused

After posting the image, Conover’s Instagram blew up. At first, people assumed Conover’s candidate was a Republican, but then realized she was a Democrat. One person said, “Yes Craig!! RED!!” One person posted, ” I’m distraught by these comments I need Craig to not be on the Trump Train.” But then more people added that Anastopoulo ran as a Democrat.

But then comments became divisive and angry. One person finally said, “I find it funny that people who say they like/love you will judge you when they find out who you support politically… new age fair weather friends. Time to grow up, America.”

Conover’s post really heated up after Rose commented

If anyone had any question whether Rose was a Trump supporter, this comment made his position pretty clear. One follower commented this about Conover, “Anybody surprised he is a trump supporter?”

But then after a series of back and forth comments, Rose added this response to the query, “Not me. I wouldn’t piss on Trump if he were on fire. Biggest con man Huckster in the country. He’s A stain on our great democracy.”

Then things got crazy

Rose hopped off of Conover’s page, but the comment section exploded. Several people supported Rose’s comment and seemed surprised. “This is amazing. Respect you so much for this post! Sorry to say I assumed you’d lean the other way. What a pleasant surprise.” Others were just supportive, “I couldn’t have said it better Shep!! He is an embarrassment to our country.” And “well said! Vote! Vote!” And just “@relationshep omg I now LOVE you!!”

But there were also some disparaging remarks like, “I would have never guessed Shep was a liberal. I guess that’s in line with someone who does not work.” Also, “Shep – shut up! Your trust fund keeps growing bigger and bigger because of Trump!!” And many comments were extremely angry and aggressive.

Rose may not support Trump but it doesn’t mean he is a Democrat either

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I’m all for term limits. But in this case, let’s just give him a lifetime appointment. #forgetitjake #itsflavortown @_theblessedone

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As recently as May Rose tweeted this to someone who commented on his page. “You do realize you can be a republican and not support Trump. You do know that right? He’s a populist anyway. About as far from GOP ideals as Bernie Sanders. A whole other ball of wax. Open your eyes. Don’t eat the slop.”

Before the 2016 presidential election, Rose possibly revealed which candidate he favored on Twitter. “Big fan of @GovGaryJohnson although the competition is very suspect.”  But most recently he posted support for this guy: Guy Fieri, the Mayor of Flavortown. “I’m all for term limits. But in this case, let’s just give him a lifetime appointment.”

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