Is Joe Tate dead in Emmerdale and did Cain Dingle kill him?

But is Joe – played by Ned Porteous – really dead? And was it Cain’s punch that finished him off?

Is Joe Tate really dead in Emmerdale?

It’s a tough one to call, but when he was bundled into the boot of Graham Foster’s car, his fingers were moving so he was definitely still alive at that point.

Joe – or Joe’s body – wasn’t seen again after that, only a distraught Graham crying his eyes out in his car.

We’ve already seen that Graham didn’t have it in him to murder the son he never had, when he gave Joe £100k and told him to leave after Kim Tate had ordered his murder.

There’s also the fact that Emmerdale love a fake death – they’ve managed to kid fans twice over Rebecca White in recent months.

But would they pull the same trick on their viewers a third time in such a short space of time?

Ned Porteous’ Instagram has been filled with pics of the hunky star travelling the world recently, so he’s clearly not filming in Leeds – is this another clue about his exit?

Did Cain Dingle kill Joe Tate?

There's no doubt that Cain wanted to kill Joe Tate after thinking he jilted his daughter Debbie Dingle on their wedding day, but – if Joe is really dead – it wasn’t Cain’s punch that did it.
After packing Joe into his car, Graham caught sight of Joe’s fingers moving and knew he would have to finish the job off himself before disposing of Joe’s body.

But Graham didn’t share this bit of information with poor Cain – Jeff Hordley – who is beside himself that he’s killed Debbie’s fiancé and is going to have to live with that for the rest of his life.

And why is Graham not putting Cain out of his misery by just telling him?

Will anyone know Joe Tate has died in Emmerdale?

Apart from Graham and Cain, everyone else thinks the former Home Farm owner has fled the village after Kim arrived and declared herself the owner of the house.

There isn’t really anyone who will miss Joe apart from Debbie – who has her own set of problems to deal with – and his brother Noah.

Could Noah be the one to discover what really happened to Joe?

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