Is Adam leaving Eastenders? Exit storyline explained after Honey exposes his infidelity

EASTENDERS' Honey finally confronts Adam in a Queen Vic style showdown set to air this week as she realises that he is never going to stop cheating on her.

Love rat Adam Bateman has been cheating on Honey for months with Square resident Habiba Ahmed, with Honey growing increasingly suspicious and downhearted but is Adam leaving the soap after Honey exposes his infidelity? Here’s everything we know about Adam’s exit so far…

What is Adam’s exit storyline in EastEnders?

Adam's exit storyline will come to a head when a distraught Honey takes to the mic at the Queen Vic pub.

Honey is already aware of Adam’s secret and fans have watched in horror as his lies have eaten away at the bubbly character in EastEnders.

Fans have watched her on a downward spiral since the discovery of Adam's affair with Habiba.

But so far the devoted partner hasn't dared to rock the boat and leave him.

And Enders fans were recently left concerned the stress of Adam’s lies had brought on an eating disorder.

During a dinner with the Ahmeds she was seen struggling to eat and viewers were left convinced she’d been sick after brushing her teeth in the bathroom.

This week, with the Wife Swap in full swing and Ash Panesar under Honey’s roof, Honey confided in her new housemate about her eating disorder relapse.

When the newcomer pointed out Adam’s oblivion to the situation, Honey was left questioning her future with the dentist.

And Honey’s frustration is set to come to a head when Adam cancels his plans with her in an upcoming episode.

Knowing that he’s seeing ANOTHER woman, Honey confronts him.

The cheating dentist then pushes her over the edge later when she sees him flirting at the bar and decides it’s time for revenge.

In scenes set to air soon, Honey looks distraught as she takes to the mic…
But fans will have to tune in to find out how exactly her revelation goes, as exact plot details are being kept under wraps for now.

When is Adam leaving EastEnders?

The Queen Vic showdown scenes where Honey will confront Adam over his infidelity are set to air this week.

The clock will be ticking for Adam following Honey’s revelation.

But will he make a quick getaway or stick around to grovel?

Fans will have to tune in to the BBC One Soap to find out exactly when Adam leaves as exact plot details are being kept under wraps for now.

Fans have taken to Twitter to announce their reactions to Adam’s exit from Honey’s life.

One fan tweeted: “Can we just get rid of Adam? Like, tomorrow, please?”
Another added: “Honey deserves better! get rid of Adam, want her back with billy!”

Why is actor Stephen Rahman Hughes leaving EastEnders?

Stephen has been axed from the BBC soap after a year playing the love rat dentist.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: "Producers have ­decided it’s the end of the road for Adam.

"It was decided to write the character out. His turbulent relationship with Honey Mitchell has kept viewers hooked.

"But once his cheating is exposed, the storyline comes to a natural end, so bosses decided not to renew Stephen’s contract.

"Stephen has been a fantastic part of the show. The decision to axe his character is no reflection on his performance."

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