Intruder cast: Who stars in the Channel 5 drama?

CHANNEL 5's latest thriller is nearly upon us as 'The Intruder' is set to air at 9pm on Easter Monday.

The four-part series is centred around the impact of a burglary at the home of a wealthy couple.

What is Intruder about?

Each of the four episodes will air at 9pm on consecutive nights, drawing to a close on Thursday.

Main characters Sam and Rebecca are media high-flyers who are based in a luxurious house situated on the coast, though the pair are both hiding dark secrets which could throw a grenade into their seemingly perfect day to day life.

Their relationship slowly turns into a pressure cooker after two local youths try to unlawfully enter their home, with only one leaving alive. The couple decide to withhold some key information from the police.

As the series unfolds, viewers will see whether the couple can hold it together and put on a united front or slowly crumble as the tension begins to build and the walls of their lies close in on them.

The cast of Intruder includes a number of familiar faces well known for their roles in a number of popular British television shows, here is the key cast list in full.

Elaine Cassidy

Cassidy will be most known to viewers for her leading roles in earlier dramas such as horror-thriller Harper’s Island, police corruption drama The Ghost Squad, BBC One’s The Paradise and Channel 4’s No Offence.

In Intruder, she plays Rebecca, a journalist at a local newspaper called the Becksfield Gazette. She is also one half of the main couple, alongside her husband Sam. After Rebecca's life is turned upside down, she is forced to fight for everything she has.

Tom Meeten

The bulk of Tom Meeten's previous work has been in comedy, featuring alongside Noel Fielding in both The Mighty Boosh and his follow-up project, Luxury Comedy. He was also a recurring cast member in impressions-based sketch show Star Stories and Dave’s Crackanory. 

He plays Sam in Intruder, who is a presenter on a fictional London Chat Radio station, where he hosts a phone-in show about politics and current affairs that often attracts some controversial opinions. The newfound drama in his life presented by the break-in exposes how poor Sam is at operating in moments of stress.

Sally Lindsay

Sally Lindsay has long been a regular on our screens, soap fans will know Sally spent half a decade on Coronation Street in the role of Shelly Unwin.

She has also boasted key roles in several major television projects, including ITV’s Scott & Bailey, Sky’s Mount Pleasant and BBC One’s Still Open All Hours.

Intruder sees Lindsay take on the role of Family Liaison Officer Karen Bailey, tasked with caring for families who have been victims of traumatic crimes.

Helen Behan

Behan has enjoyed great success working alongside top director Shane Meadows in series such as This is England '88 and '90 as well as 2019 series The Virtues.

Behan takes on the role of Angela, Rebecca’s boss at the Becksfield Gazette in Intruder. She is also one of the attendees of a dinner party thrown in the opening scene of episode one, therefore a witness to the attempted break in and subsequent tragedy. This means both Sam and Rebecca are reliant on her to match her version of events to theirs.

Sonny Poon Tip

Intruder will mark an acting debut for Sonny Poon Tip, who plays one of the two teenage burglars. It is seemingly a case of mixing with the wrong crowd for Syed, his character, who is a talented artist with his heart in the right place.

Adam Richardson

Though Richardson has appeared in a number of stage productions, Intruder will also be his first taste of on-screen acting. He plays Tommy, the other of the two burglars. The brains behind the operation, Tommy has long been embroiled in a life of crime, selling stolen goods to a local criminal gang.

Seamus Moran

A stalwart of Irish soap opera Fair City, Moran played the role of bistro owner Mike Gleeson for 12 years. He has also featured in both The Frankenstein Chronicles and The Tudors.

Intruder presents the chance for Moran to play Fitz, local farmer with considerable influence over the town of Becksfield thanks to his ties with organised crime in the area.

Shane Casey

Otherwise known as Billy Murphy from the 2016 comedy The Young Offenders, a role he reprised for the spin-off TV series on BBC Three, Casey plays Ron – Sam’s colleague at London Chat Radio.

Ron is also one of the guests at the notorious dinner party in episode one.

Simon Coury

Coury is one of the most established members of the entire cast, appearing in multiple television dramas over the course of his lengthy career, including Foyle’s War, Line of Duty and World War I drama 37 Days.

He takes on the role of Inspector Lilley in Intruder, the lead investigating officer into the events that occurred at Sam and Rebecca’s house on the night of their dinner party. He has his suspicions over their version of events.

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