I’m A Celebrity fans baffled over ‘special treatment’ for Janice

I’m A Celebrity…South Africa: Janice Dickinson doesn’t recognise Paul and Shaun

I’m A Celebrity South Africa saw Janice Dickinson and Jordan Banjo face a classic as they took on an eating Trial.

She looked at her plate in disgust as a bowl of fish eyes glared up at her and she feared she could not complete the task.

However, Jordan reassured her: “We thought we couldn’t before and we did. You thought you couldn’t do the stomach.

“I think the fish eye will be easier for you.” However, she interjected: “A fish eye is going to squirt.”

“Unfortunately, maybe,” Jordan replied. Janice then reached for the spoon and shovelled down a fish eye.

Viewers were left distracted by the fact Janice and her campmate Gillian McKeith were allowed to wear full faces of makeup in camp.

Taking to Twitter with curiosity, Travel Princess 99 said: “#ImACeleb clearly they’re allowed makeup this time.”

@Shirlpuzz said: “Why is Janice allowed to wear a full face of makeup in a piping hot camp may I ask?”

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Char added: “How are Janice & Carol wearing full faces of makeup?”

To which Billion Lights responded: “Gillian smuggled makeup in her pants.” This was in response to the revelation that Gillian had smuggled salt in her knickers during her original I’m A Celeb appearance.

Janice continued to irritate viewers throughout the episode as they highlighted her “annoying” habit.

The former model often raised her voice and fans could not help but feel irritated by her shouting and hollering.

Beth said: “Janice is annoying me already. STOP SHOUTING PLS #ImACeleb #ImACelebSouthAfrica.”

Carolyn Simpson added: “Omg Janice! shut up screaming #ImACeleb”

Meanwhile in the episode, Shaun Ryder got the fright of his life after Fatima Whitbread woke him up in the night.

Fed up with his snoring, Fatima decided to give Shaun a shake, which he definitely wasn’t prepared for.

I’m A Celebrity South Africa airs on weeknights on ITV from 9pm

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