I wrote a filthy diary about three ex-lovers then hubby found it… now it's Netflix show Sex/Life

AFTER two children, eight years of marriage and one uninterested husband, BB Easton’s sex life had totally dried up.

But instead of taking it lying down (or not!), the former wild child began writing a secret diary, detailing romps with her exes in a bid to light the fire her marriage had snuffed out.

And it worked — in more ways than she could have imagined. No sooner had BB, 39, poured out her saucy past on her computer than her husband stumbled across it.

Rather than hit the roof over her apparent obsession with her better-in-bed exes, Ken* started to up his game between the sheets and be the adventurous partner his wife so desperately craved.

Now BB’s filthy memoir has been turned into new Netflix rompathon, Sex/Life, which this week became the streaming service’s most-watched show in the UK.

It is not hard to see why. The series features full-frontal nudity and is littered with no-holds barred sex scenes that would see even the cast of Bridgerton clutching their pearls.

Speaking to The Sun, BB said of her diary: “I included every graphic detail because why not? It was just a little diary. It was fun and real. I honestly did not think it would ever see the light of day.”

A former Nineties wild child from Atlanta, Georgia, turned school psychologist, BB started writing her memoir in 2013.

‘He’s very vanilla’

BB said: “I had been married for eight years. I had two very small kids. I had a super-stressful job at the time. My husband had a career as well, and our relationship was just completely put on the backburner.

“My husband is not an adventurous guy. He’s an accountant. He’s very vanilla, very straight-laced.”

She writes in her diary: “Ever the gentleman, Ken will lie on his back and allow me to have my way with him while he quietly engages in minimal and obligatory petting.”

BB told how sex with Ken always played second fiddle to football games or was interrupted by screaming children, revealing that even when she took matters into her own hands, her vibrator would run out of battery at the crucial moment.

She eventually found herself spending her evenings attempting to unwind with a glass of wine while writing about saucy memories from her past. She chronicled her sexploits with three ex-boyfriends — well-endowed skinhead Knight, ex-con Harley and struggling musician Hans*.

Set in the Nineties, the memoir describes how a kinky session with Knight sparked BB’s sexual awakening and many more afternoons of passion at his house. Then she dated stoner Harley, who proposed to her every day, before falling for wannabe rock star and bassist Hans. But BB later caught him in bed with her best friend.

To her horror, husband Ken discovered the torrid diary, saved on a file on her computer. BB said: “There was one night where I came downstairs from putting the baby to bed. And I swear I heard the sound of a laptop slamming shut in the living room.

“He’s sitting there. So that was the first time that I was like, ‘What did he see? Oh my god, I’m he’s gonna serve me with papers’.” Horrified, BB didn’t bring up what Ken had seen and to her surprise the discovery improved his performance.

She said: “The next night he came home from work and instead of sitting down he said, We’re going on a date. And it was great.” Emboldened by a psychologist close friend, BB created a new fake diary where she wrote about erotic and romantic scenarios that had never happened, hoping her husband would once again find it and attempt to try them out.

And Ken fell for it hook, line and sinker. BB said: “I noticed that he started doing things that I had written about my exes doing. Things were steamier than usual. And I realised, ‘Oh, this is pretty amazing. I’m going to keep doing this’.” She added: “We really didn’t talk about it because I didn’t want to mess anything up. I would just write these things and then kind of leave my laptop in the living room or wherever and just watch.”

Her plan led to spontaneous shower sex with her husband, new positions, and passionate date nights ending in explosive car sex. As their intimate life improved, BB kept note of her saucy exploits with Ken in a secret diary that she kept well hidden from him.

After a year of pouring her adventures and fantasies into both diaries, BB decided to publish them as one book for other women to read. But this meant revealing to Ken about what she had been up to.

‘Liked the attention’

She said: “I said, ‘OK, so I’m turning this thing into a book. I’m going to publish it anonymously, I’m going to change everybody’s names’. But he was not happy. He is a really private, shy person and was terrified that people he knew were going to read embarrassing stuff about him or his family. So I worked really, really hard.

“I talked to some lawyers and made sure that I changed everything I needed to change. It was only after I published and he saw nothing bad had happened that he was happy.”

BB initially self-published her book, 44 Chapters About 4 Men, in 2016 and it soon became a cult hit, reaching the Amazon Top 100 Bestseller list. She made a pact with Ken and their family to never read it. But her husband’s attitude changed when he found himself signing autographs for fans on BB’s book tours.

BB said: “They would fangirl all over him. Secretly he liked the attention. So it became fun instead of being this scary thing that he was afraid of people finding out about. It became this really great fun thing in our lives. We had to go to book signings on the weekends, spending all this time together.

“I quit my stressful job, I’m so much happier now.” Following on from its success, BB landed a publisher and Netflix bought the rights to turn her book into glitzy drama Sex/Life.

The eight-part series sees suburban mum-of-two Billie — based on BB and played by L Word actress Sarah Shahi — fantasising about her daring past with music producer ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos). When her straight-laced investment banker husband Cooper, played by Cloverfield actor Mike Vogel, discovers her diary extracts, he sways between jealousy and the instinct to out-do his rival.

BB said she was worried about how her husband would feel about his portrayal on the show. She said: “It’s a character inspired by him so that was what I was most concerned about. But he loved the show. He never told me this but the actor that he wanted to play him was Mike Vogel. He’s a fan of his and has been for years.

“When I told him the casting he was the most excited I’ve ever seen him. So Ken is happy because Netflix made him look very good.”

‘Bigger and bolder’

BB said the sexually charged series outdoes period drama Bridgerton, with passionate sex scenes and full-frontal male nudity.

In episode three, Cooper follows Brad to the gym showers to size up his competition — and instantly regrets it. The much-talked about full-frontal scene had viewers questioning whether it was actor Adam’s real manhood or a prosthetic. BB said: “They [the producers] had stuff that makes me blush and that’s very hard to do.”

She added: “It is the sexiest thing I have ever seen on TV. That’s not an exaggeration. I mean, it’s going to shock people.

“The basic plot is still there, which is this woman writing journals about her exes. She’s kind of lost her marriage and her husband finds them, but they took that and made it so, so much bigger and bolder and more intense and even sexier. If that’s possible.”

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And BB says her ex-boyfriend Hans, who Brad is based on, even gave his seal of approval to the book and subsequent TV series.

She said: “He’s very happy for me and very supportive and I think a little freaked out. But for the most part, he’s been great about it.

“He did say, ‘I’m pretty flattered.’ ” Now BB hopes that Sex/Life will inspire bored couples to get back in the bedroom and really let loose.


WHILE we can’t all write a steamy hit Netflix series, BB says there are ways to give your sex life some added oomph. Here, the author shares her advice on how to revive your marriage, without resorting to desperate measures.

FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES: BB said: “My advice is just to say what you want. But also don’t say what you don’t want. This is a psychological trick. If you want something, whether it’s from a person or from the universe, you have to phrase it positively.”

REMIND THEM OF GOOD TIMES: BB said: “Saying, ‘Well, I don’t like the way you’ve done it, or, I feel like you’re ignoring me, doesn’t tell them what you want. So instead, you have to say, ‘Remember how we used to go on dates, I really liked that’. Or, ‘Remember how, you know, we used to have sex, like in the day?’ ”

BE HAPPY: BB said: “Phrase it in a way that tells your partner, ‘This is what I would like, and this is what would make me happy’. And they will bend over backwards to do it for you.

“Your partner wants you to be happy. Because when you’re happy, you’re not making their life miserable. You’re nice to be around when you’re happy.”

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