How to get Glastonbury tickets: tips and tricks to give you the best chance of scoring festival access

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid getting disappointed when the golden tickets come around again.

How to register for tickets

Online registration is free of charge and only takes a few minutes but has already finished for the 2019 show so you’ll have to wait till 2020 if you haven’t already done it.

You will need to provide basic contact details and to upload a passport-standard photo.

Registration will be temporarily suspended before and during the main ticket sales periods so it is best to get your photo uploaded ahead well ahead of this.

Your photo will need to be in jpeg format, of a suitable size (min 900 pixels wide x 1350 pixels tall), of portrait orientation and passport standard.

Then double check your details and submit.

Organisers introduced registration to stop touts flogging tickets for inflated prices.

This means that once you have bought your tickets you cannot sell them on to anyone else.

You can register by going to

How to book tickets

Just because you’ve registered doesn’t mean you need start dusting down your wellies quite yet.

But if you have registered you will get the chance to apply for tickets.

When purchasing tickets, you’ll be able to secure them by paying a £50 deposit per person, in addition to the price of your coach if you’ve opted for the coach package.

You'll then be able to pay the rest of the amount by April next year.

You will need the registration number and postcode for each person for whom you are booking a ticket.

Coach tickets have already gone but if you’re already registered the general admission tickets are going on sale at 9am tomorrow.

General admission tickets for the full weekend, valid from Wednesday June 26 until Monday July 1, will cost £248 each, in addition to a £5 booking fee.

Coach prices vary on where you are coming from.

UK Tickets can now be purchased with a UK debit card or Visa or Mastercard credit cards.

International Tickets can only be bought by Visa credit card or Mastercard credit card.

See Tickets is the only company permitted to sell tickets for Glastonbury Festival. No other site or agency will be allocated tickets. Any other company or individual claiming to sell Glastonbury Festival tickets is bogus.

Tips and tricks

Be ready

Make sure you have your registration number handy and all your personal details on hand.

You should try to be online at least 15 minutes before they go on sale.

Work as a team

Anyone can buy up to six tickets.

Therefore, if you group together with friends beforehand, you’ll increase your chances of buying tickets if only one or a couple of you manage to get through.

Decent WiFi is key

Make sure you have a strong internet connection when you are trying to snare your tickets.

There is nothing worse than your WiFi failing when you are on the cusp of festival fun.

Use multiple browsers not multiple tabs

Rather than using multiple windows on one browser use several browsers.

Open up Chrome, Safari, Firefox and all the others to make sure one of them connects.

Keep it fresh

Refreshing your browser could help you move further along the online queue.

But you will be one of millions trying for tickets so don’t be too disheartened if you miss the mark.

If all else fails, you might still be able to snare a ticket if people who've paid their deposits for tickets don't pay the full amount before April, after which point those tickets will go on sale.

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