How many seasons of Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power are there?

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power trailer from Amazon

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The Rings of Power has just started airing on Amazon Prime Video (we’ve got instructions on how to watch The Rings Of Power for free here, if you don’t want to pay to stream the show) and the fantasy drama has already gone down a huge hit with Lord of the Rings fans. The prequel to the original films was inspired by one of J R R Tolkien’s lesser-known works. Yet the series has already secured a promising future and has all you need to know.

How many seasons of The Rings of Power will there be?

The first two episodes of the Lord of the Rings prequel arrived during a bumper premiere on Prime Video.

The eight-episode first season will be airing weekly until the grand finale on October 14.

Morfydd Clark takes over the role of the elven warrior Galadriel, who is determined to keep evil from taking over Middle-earth.

Soon after the first two episodes aired, it was clear the series would see huge success across the world.

Amazon bought the TV rights for The Lord of the Rings for $250 million in November 2017.

Viewers will be pleased to hear a five-season production commitment worth at least $1 billion has been approved.

With this in mind, fans can expect at least four more instalments of the series, covering all aspects of the Lord of the Rings timeline.

Season two plans are already underway, with filming expected to begin in October 2022.

The second season will be filmed in the UK, rather than New Zealand, where the debut season took place.

By the time the five seasons are wrapped up, the series would be the most expensive TV show ever made.

Prime Video gave the series a multi-season commitment as part of the initial deal with the Tolkien Estate.

However, the streaming platform had to give the formal green light to future seasons before work could begin on season two.

In November 2019, Amazon officially ordered a second season, with elements of the final season already planned out.

The creators are believed to have already envisioned the show’s final shot, while they were working on the very first.

Showrunner Patrick McKay has already spoken out about filming decisions for the second season.

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He addressed why the second outing will not be filmed in New Zealand, and how the UK will open up new options.

Speaking to The Playlist, he said the change in location transitions well for the story.

He said: “Suffice to say in the story, in Tolkien’s world, journeys to other lands are a major recurring theme.

“And so I think that’s a thing to think about. The other thing I would say is Tolkien was writing about the British Isles.

“He was writing about his own backyard and his description of the nature and the air here and the light here and the grass here is a huge part of those books.

“I think the opportunity to kind of bring the property home feels like one that’s pregnant with possibilities.”

The showrunners already have a solid vision for season two and the new location will offer a fresh look at Tolkien’s world.

Viewers can rest assured the show has secured a prosperous future for many years to come.

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power airs weekly on Prime Video

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