How did Todd Chrisley's dad Gene die?

CHRISLEY Knows Best star Todd Chrisley lost his father before the show premiered.

However, his dad, Gene, is often talked about in high regard by the reality show family.

In fact, in the first season, his mom Faye made an account on to meet someone new, and her grandson, Kyle, pointed out that no one would compare to Gene.

"I was just looking for someone to find a cup of coffee with or to go out to dinner. Someone to be a companion," Faye said during her confessional on the show.

Although Kyle helped her to set up her dating profile, they agreed that she wouldn't find anyone to match up to her late husband.

"None of them look like Poppa do they," she said.

"Well, Poppa looked better than all of these people," Kyle agreed.

"I'm not ever gonna find nobody like him," Faye said.

Todd too then expressed his discomfort with the prospect of his mom dating again, especially after she met up with a guy from the site.

"I'm sure the guy that was there with my mom is a very nice gentleman. But, he's not my dad. My mother has never dated anyone in her entire life other than my dad," Todd told the camera.

Gene died from cancer, in Atlanta, Georgia, two years before the show premiered, in 2012. He was 77.

He had served in the Army, and fought in the Korean War.

He married Faye, who is nine years his junior, in the 1960s.

The family have kept his memory alive with a number of fond postings.

In February this year, Chase posted a throwback photo with Gene, which he captioned "Miss you bubba."

Savannah Chrisley also posted an Instagram with her late grandfather.

She explained that the two were "best friends," in the caption, in October 2019.

"My Papa Gene was my BIGGEST supporter and fan! I don't think he ever missed a horse show or school event growing up. We were inseparable…best friends actually.

"I remember always looking at him during my horse shows just to see his facial expressions because I wanted to make him proud and to no surprise every time I looked he was grinning ear to ear…" Savannah wrote.

"But I thank God for the 15 years that He gave me with you because those were the BEST 15 years. We miss you…I wish you could be here…" she said.

The USA Network series centers around real estate tycoon Todd Chrisley and his wealthy Christian family.

Last year, Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley were indicted on multiple counts of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud conspiracy, wire fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States and tax evasion – to which they have plead not guilty.

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