Holby City spoilers: Sahria breaks down after transplant bombshell and Cameron stoops to new low to silence Ange

HOLBY City fans are in for a treat next week as Sahira breaks down after her transplant bombshell and Cameron is one stop closer to being found out.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in the BBC medical drama…

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1. Cameron tries to squirm his way out of being outed by Ange

The evil doctor has managed to successfully kill five people now and his latest victim was poor Bobby – the cyclist who knocked down Xavier Duval last year.

Cameron took Bobby's life because he was worried that he would expose him for leaving his colleague to die after the hit and run.

Xavier was growing increasingly suspicious of Cameron and the junior doctor decided that the best option was to kill him so he'd keep schtum.

Now that both men involved in the accident are dead, Cameron should be safe right?

Well next week Chloe can't explain why she lost her patient and it resulted in her getting suspended.

With all the time on her hands, the registrar tries to figure out what happens and links Cameron to Bobby's death.

Chloe confides in her mum Ange and the consultant surgeon manages to finding some evidence that could end up outing Cameron for his murderous ways.

2. But the real question is… is Cameron unstoppable?

With Ange on his back saying that she's going to report the files she's found to Max, the acting chief executive officer of the hospital, Cameron has to think fast.

Ange explains to Cameron that she'll be pushing for Max to open up an investigation on the disturbing pattern she's found in the recent deaths.

Will Cameron be able to keep Ange quiet or will the truth come out?

3. Sahira's health comes into danger

Sahira is left in pieces when she learns she's not a match for her sick father, who is in desperate need of a transplant.

The surgeon struggles to keep it together, as she knows he's unlikely to survive for much longer without the op.

To make things worse, at the same time her ex-husband leaves her a hurtful message.

Looking for a distraction she dedicates her time to finding out why a young girl wants to give up her baby.

That is until Nicky steps in when she thinks the medic is taking things too far.

4. A familiar face returns

Skylar, who viewers will remember was another victim of Cameron's lies, is also set to return next week.

She will make an appearance at the hospital – just as it appears Cameron's web of lies are unravelling.

She meets with Max who wants to invite her back to the hospital insisting they are closing the case against her.

Skylar, who was put in this position after taking bad patient advice from Cameron, warns a suspicious Chloe to be wary of Cameron and what he is capable of.

5. Lucky pulls out all the stops

Lucky should be preparing for her last day on the wards at the hospital, but she's not keen on leaving.

Instead the mental health nurse is looking for anything that will make Max extend her contract.

And it seem her luck is in when a patient turns up with a phobia of hospitals.

It's Lucky's last day at the hospital, but she's keen for Max to extend her contract.

Lucky pulls out all the stops to impress and to help the patient.

But will this be enough to convinve Max to keep her on?

Holby City airs every Tuesday at 7.50pm on BBC One

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