His Dark Materials' Dafne Keen reveals which of the show's daemons were played by real animals

HIS Dark Materials actress Dafne Keen has let slip there was a live snake and a gecko on-set during filming for the BBC series.

The show is an adaptation of the Philip Pullman books of the same name, with daemon spirits featuring as the extension of a person's inner-self.


They take the visual image of an animal, and while Dafne and her co-stars were tasked with filming alongside numerous virtual animals, there were scales, pawprints and slithers on-set, too.

She confessed to website comicbook.com which daemons were real – and which are not, and said: "It's really weird because as you said, they're not actually there.

"But we had puppets, which is really great.

"So we had a little puppet animal, which we could act with, and then they pulled the puppet animal out and we had to remember what the puppet had done."

Letting slip what reptiles had taken their place on the cast list, the Lyra Belacqua actress added: "There were some animals, which we actually had.

"We had a snake called Shaun, who is Ariyon Bakare's [Lord Boreal] snake, which is very cool.

"We had a gecko, It was the librarian's gecko and we had a few dogs.

"So a few of them were actually real."

Spanish actress Dafne, 15, candidly told of her struggles getting used to the mix of virtual and physical filming.

She said: "At the beginning it was really hard because obviously I wasn't used to it, and I didn't know what to do, and it was confusing.

"But when I was at two weeks in I really enjoyed it.

"I also got on really well with the puppeteers and I learned so much from the CFX team."

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