He’s bringing the intensity and they’ve got NO guilt: Body language expert analyses THOSE photos of Strictly’s Seann Walsh and Katya Jones to reveal what’s really going on

The dance partners were spotted snogging in the street after a boozy night out on Wednesday and have since issued public apologies, insisting it was a drunken one-off.

Seann, 32, is in a five-year relationship with actress Rebecca Humphries, who was celebrating her birthday while he went out with his 24-year-old dance partner, who is married to fellow pro Neil Jones.

The kiss was exclusively revealed by The Sun and now photos of a flirty lunch just hours earlier have also been unearthed.

Body language expert Judi James has analysed the shots, to reveal what's really going on.

From Seann's "intensity" to the lack of guilt shown, here's what she thinks…

Seann uses his pockets to 'avoid being tactile'

When they walked together to a local cafe, Seann did seem to be on his best non-tactile behaviour with his hands stuffed into his pockets.

While Katya strode out beside him displaying open confidence and relaxation, along with some intense-face-gazing to suggest a flattering interest for what Seann is saying.

Seann crosses his arms to 'keep distance'

As they take their seats, their smiles are mirrored, suggesting obvious pleasure in one another's company.

But even when they were sitting outside the cafe Seann carefully used a double-arm barrier and when he laughed he leaned back and there was no obvious attempt to be tactile.

Again, Katya looked more relaxed and comfortable, making him laugh.

Mutual smiles suggest a 'warmth' between the pair

Katyna leans on the table during their cosy lunch date towards Seann, and he laughs and reclines back in his chair.

The pair look like they are having the time of their life in each other's company.

It's their twinned smiles and the eye-attention from them both that suggests rapport and warmth here.

'Intense' Seann goes in for a snog

As the pair were captured in an evening embrace, the PDA though the intensity does seem to be coming from Seann.

He's lost any wariness here and throws himself into the kiss, leaning forward and tilting his head to add what looks like passion.

Their bags seem to have been thrown onto the floor at some point during the PDA and then Seann intensifies his hug or clasp gestures, wrapping both arms around Katya and cupping the back of her head with his hand.

Seann grasps Katya's head for the sizzling moment

Seann gets tactile by grabbing the back of Katya's head to pull her close.

His arms are wrapped around her, including a tender hand on her hair.

He even dips her backward at one point, making it look as though he has transferred some of the intensity and sizzle that he really should have been using during their gyrations on the dance floor on Saturday night.

Katya and Seann show 'no regrets' after 'that kiss'

They're spoken about drunken kissing with a degree of guilt but it's hard to see signs that either Katya or Seann finished their PDA full of remorse or regret on the night.

Their poses prior to the incident show all the signs of the very strong rapport and shared sense of humour we've seen during their rehearsals and scenes on the show, with Seann looking a little more wary than Katya as they sit chatting outside a cafe.

It can be relatively easy for performed passion during all the Sambas and Cha cha chas to dribble over into real life but this doesn't show many if any signs that the couple accidentally touched lips during a little extra curricular rehearsing and then leapt back in shame and guilt.

Katya literally skips away with a huge smile and turns back to joke with Seann and he appears to be laughing and beaming in delight and what looks like excitement.

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