Harley Quinn Valentine's Special Set for February, Will Also Check In on Superman/Lois and Other Couples

Not only is Harley Quinn already renewed for a fourth season, but fans are getting a holiday special, to boot.

HBO Max announced on Friday that Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special will stream in February 2023.

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In addition to revealing how Harley (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) celebrate their very first Valentine’s Day together as a couple, the special will also show how “the rest of the ragtag crew spends the gushiest, mushiest, most romantic day of the year.”

The voice cast for Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special will also include Alan Tudyk (whose roles include Joker, Clayface), Matt Oberg (Kite Man), James Wolk (Superman), Natalie Morales (Lois Lane), Chris Diamantopoulos (Aquaman), James Adomian (Bane), Jim Rash (The Riddler), Vanessa Marshall (Wonder Woman), Rachel Dratch (Nora Freeze) and Michael Ironside (Darkseid), as well as Janet Varney (You’re The Worst), Leila Birch (EastEnders), Tyler James Williams (Abbott Elementary), Josh Helman (Wayward Pines) and Casey Wilson (Happy Endings). So… no conjugal visit for Bruce from Selina?

The nascent “Harlivy” romance dodged a bullet at the end of Season 3, when Harley nudged her lady love to put the kibosh on a plan to terraform Gotham. But rather than call their coupling quits, Ivy simply squeezed in a Costco run.

“When we broke that story,” exiting co-showunner Justin Halpern told TVLine, “we wanted to make sure that the episode wasn’t like, ‘Are they going to break up?, so we ended that scene where they fight with Ivy being like, ‘I’m going to Costco, text me if you need anything.’ Because that’s how so many actual married couple and close relationship fights end, where it’s like you have the fight but there are also errands that need to be done.”

After all, exiting co-showrunner Patrick Schumacker explained, “Harley has taught Ivy over time — more than anyone, or maybe she’s the only one? — empathy for humanity on some level. She is able to rein her in a little when she does go off the rails.”

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