Gossip Girl: Mädchen Amick on kissing Chace Crawford

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Mädchen Amick is pretty much always cast to cause trouble. “They just like to challenge me!” she insists on the latest episode of PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing. “I don’t think I’m anything like that!”

In 2008, Amick had a recurring guest role on the second season of the CW hit show Gossip Girl, playing — you guessed it — a troublemaker. The Riverdale star took on the role of Duchess Catherine Beaton an older, married woman with whom Nate (Chace Crawford) had an affair. “I was doing Californication in Los Angeles when I got cast in this,” explains Amick. “So I would film Californication, get on a plane and film Gossip Girl without sleeping.”

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Of course, playing a seductive older woman meant there were plenty of love scenes between the actors. “Chace Crawford was so adorable,” she says. “He was so sweet; he’s such a good boy.” As well as they got along, things weren’t totally comfortable between the costars. “My very first scene with him was me sitting in his lap making out with him in car,” says Amick. “He was so nervous that he kept forgetting his lines.”

Luckily for Crawford, Amick had a plan to get him back on track: “I would kiss him and then lean into his ear and whisper his line,” she shares. “It was so sweet.”

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