‘Good Omens’ Blesses NY Comic Con With 1st Teaser Trailer At MSG Panel

“It won’t be the war to end all wars, it will be the war to end everything,” says a demon portraying David Tennant of the coming Armageddon in the first official trailer for Good Omens that was unveiled at New York Comic Con today. “Welcome to the end times,” adds the angel playing Michael Sheen.

With a Queen soundtrack, the first look at the upcoming Amazon limited series based on the satirical 1990 end-of-the-world novel penned by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchettwas dropped near the end of the panel for the Sheen and the Tennant led  at the theater at Madison Square Garden this morning (see the trailer above.)

“It is like a dream come true for me, “ long time fan Sheen told the audience of being in the Gaiman showrun series. “I just have to put up with these terrible actors,” he quipped.

“I did this for money, Amazon paid me so much money I said sure,” responded Jon Hamm, who plays the angel Gabriel. Adding deadpanned Doctor Who jokes at ex-Time Lord Tennant’s expense and the crowd’s delight, Hamm also admitted that he is a long time fan of Good Omens and Gaiman’s work. “My favorite part of Good Omens was the paycheck,” Hamm said later in the shindig to more cheers “Amazon are rich!,” he proclaimed as well as noting how much “fun” he had making Good Omens.

Though Gaiman tried to fend off a question about the Mad Man alum taking on the role of Batman on the big screen, Tennant belted out “how great would a Jon Hamm Batman be?” to roars

The Whoopi Goldberg hosted panel, with co-star Miranda Richardson on stage as well, also saw Good Omens revealing a NYCC exclusive poster and showing clips from the second episode of the six-parter.

In the first clip, Among other plot twists, Tennant’s demon, Crowley offered his opinion on why “no one would ever consider the Velvet Underground be-bop.” The second clip, from the beginning of the second episode, had Hamm’s archangel meeting up with  Sheen’s lesser angle Aziraphale at the latter’s bookstore in London’s Soho – with a very British dig at author Jeffrey Archer that may have gone over the audience’s head.

Before the panel, the early morning crown were revved up by a sing-a-long of tunes by Queen, who are a constant presence in novel. An issue that Goldberg asked Gaiman to explain and he did by telling the story of how it seemed to him and Pratchett that every car in the UK seemed to eventually included a copy of a Queen’s Greatest Hits cassette.

Co-produced with the BBC, the six-episode Good Omens limited series is schedule to debut in early 2019. As an active EP, Gaiman also has Season 2 of American Gods coming to Starz next year.

NYCC continues until October 7 with panels for The Walking Dead and the global premiere of the new season of Doctor Who still to come.

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