Gogglebox fans stunned as Dave swoons over wife Shirley's 'netball-sized t**s' when they first met

GOGGLEBOX fans were left stunned as Dave Griffiths swooned over his wife Shirley's "netball-sized t**s" when they first met.

The Welsh couple left viewers howling last night when they got into a spat about Shirley's "big boobs" and Dave insisted they were the talk of the school when they first met.

The teenage sweethearts fell into a conversation about their schooldays, after Dave said: "You might not know but I was rather rotund when I was a boy."

But Shirley did know, and said: "I remember. Well I was in the same school as you."

Dave then startled his wife when he confessed he remembered her at school for being "big breasted" and the young lads would ogle her chest.

He said: "All I remember from you being at school was being big breasted."

Shirley told him "shut up, I never had no boobs" but he replied: "Shut up! They were bloody massive!

"They bloody were, everybody used to say it."

Horrified, Shirley said: "That's disgusting."

But Dave added: "I used to see you playing netball. I used to think flipping eck. It's hard to distinguish the ball from Shirley's t**s.

"You were very well endowed Shirley. Not that it made any impression on me."

Viewers loved the hilarious exchange, and one wrote on Twitter: "Dave and Shirley are class"

Another said: "Crying already at Dave and Shirley's boob spat"

When the pair aren't making viewers laugh on the hit Channel 4 show, they enjoy living in their cosy home with their pet pooch Bleu.

The French bulldog often features in their Twitter posts, where they keep their followers up-to-date with their daily life.

They also like to dress up their beloved dog, sharing one snap of him in a Star Wars costume.

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