GMB’s Laura Tobin can’t stop laughing through weather report

Good Morning Britain’s weathergirl Laura Tobin managed to warm the hearts of viewers this morning when she just couldn’t stop laughing through her report.

After returning from an advert break, Laura was in position to deliver the latest weather forecast but immediately let out a huge laugh. 

‘Sorry… someone told a funny joke during the break, that’s all,’ she told viewers without revealing the apparently hilarious joke. 

Whatever the gag was really tickled Laura as she continued giggling and struggled to catch her breath – and composure – before apologising for being ‘so unprofessional’. 

Ben Shephard was clearly in on the joke as Laura looked slightly off-camera and said: ‘I can see Ben looking and laughing at me too.’ 

It was a welcome moment of light relief from viewers, who clearly were desperate for a break in the ongoing coronavirus and US election discussions. 

One GMB viewer admitted: ‘Laura giggling through weather, just what was needed today.’ 

Predicting that Ben was the mystery joke-teller, another tweeted: ‘You guys just start the day right. I Never miss the show. Laura, who’s to blame for making you giggle? Was it cheeky boy.’ 

‘Seeing @Lauratobin1 giggling through the #gmb weather has just really brightened the start to my day! Thank you Laura… Much needed laughter!’ one enthused. 

Another chimed in: ‘Thank you @Lauratobin1 Gave me belly laugh !! Too much doom and gloom at moment you go girl xxx normal and real that’s what people want xx.’ 

One viewer agreed: ‘That was soo funny watching you try to not laugh.’ 

Delivering their own joke, one quipped: ‘Do you mind Laura? I take the weather very seriously.’ 

In another segment later in the show, Susanna Reid assured viewers: ‘[Laura’s] calmed down. She did tell us the joke, we can’t share it with you.’ 

Spoil sports! 

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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