GMB ‘is nothing’ without Piers Morgan and worse with Beresford, says Ryan-Mark

Good Morning Britain is over… for now. Let’s face it, GMB is nothing without Piers Morgan and even worse with Alex Beresford.

The only time the morning show ever surpassed BBC Breakfast in the ratings, was during Piers’ final appearances.

There’s no chance the show can compete with the likes of Alex and Charlotte Hawkins at the realm.

Since taking a seat next to Kate Garraway and Charlotte, GMB has faced a flurry of Ofcom complaints, as well as viewers taking to social media saying, “Soon as I heard Alex I instantly turned over to #BBCBreakfast, can’t stand the snake at #GMB, so going down hill”… The hatred towards Alex has been endless.

What did he expect? Every move this man has made has been completely calculated. The viewers, whether they admitted it or not, tuned-in for brand ‘Piers Morgan’.

He’s adored by millions of fans, whether that’s people who first saw him on Britain’s Got Talent, Life Stories, countless daytime shows, documentaries, celebrity gameshows, and even films.

Piers is a media mogul who’s been in the public eye since his 20s. Alex, on other the hand, is known to be a rambunctious weatherman who loves to stick his foot into every debate (clearly to boost his profile to land another reality TV show – come on, Dancing on Ice was just the tip of the iceberg).

Therefore, you can’t be shocked when the man responsible for the take down of Piers, enraging him to the point of storming off set on-air, is at the receiving end of online vitriol.

Fair enough, if Alex had a cutting personality that trumped Piers’ acerbity, maybe the public would be more receptive to this takeover, but that’s not the case.

Alex is as bland as they come. Fine, he has bold opinions when it comes to debates, yet presenting a morning show is a different story.

You need to engage with the viewers, get them talking for the right reasons, grab the headlines, ferociously hold ministers to account – these were the reasons GMB were gradually closing the gap between them
and BBC Breakfast.

Don’t hold your breath for Alex to rescue the ratings slump, in fact he’s worsening the deficit.

There’s one thing I can’t stand: disingenuous people. Alex strikes me as one of those snakes who waits for the
perfect moment to attack whilst hiding behind the grass.

What I found astonishing was his back-stabbing antics, where Piers described giving the weatherman “advice about his career” and explained how he “gone out of [his] way to help”.

So why would he try to humiliate Piers in this way, especially after receiving tips on ways to advance his
presenting career?

It’s like a pie in the face and I have no respect for someone like that, nor does the public, seemingly. We can all see how transparent Alex’s act is.

I was interested to learn it only took “17 minutes for the first application for [Piers’] GMB job to arrive after the
announcement” and it wouldn’t be a revelation if that came from Alex.

Let’s be honest! He’s been waiting for this moment, and teasing Piers about his personal relationship with Meghan was totally unprofessional and he knew it would trigger him.

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Thus, providing the opportunity to claim moral high ground and the platform to take Piers’ job. This almost sounds like a Shakespearean tragedy, with our tragic hero, Piers, taking the fall, and the antagonist claiming the throne.

In a column, Alex admitted he has taken a step back from social media after experiencing “relentless racism”. This is
totally unacceptable, whatever you think of Alex. It always comes from the egg-head Twitter tw*ts who are anti-PC,
launch online wars against snowflakes, but, ironically, happen to be the most emotionally charged and soppy when it comes to topics like this.

Fine, you don’t like Alex? Sure, I don’t either. However, there’s never an excuse to be racist and that kind of abuse
diminishes the argument immediately.

The fact is, Alex won’t be the big Piers Morgan replacement ITV need; we need someone intrepid and audacious to
feel Piers’ boots.

Perhaps Kay Burley will jump in following her Sky News resignation and denying GB News
speculation; in my column last week, I said she’d create the fireworks we are missing in the mornings.

Who knows at this point! I’m simply waiting for GB News — I’m over these other drab broadcasters.

My final advice to Alex: get back to doing the weather, viewers loved you in that role.


You’ve been BUMPED from the villa

Ah, we all love baby news! Yes, Love Island’s Laura Whitmore, 35, and her husband Iain Stirling, 33, have shared the first picture of their baby girl on social media.

They captioned the Instagram post, “We are in love” which is always great to hear, especially when the show she presents seems to lack any love at all.

Since Love Island was axed last year because of the coronavirus, we’re craving love stories like this, and soon enough the Love Island storm will be heading our way and I’m not sure if I can handle anymore bimbos on TV this year… We’ve all had enough of Boris Johnson’s press conferences.

The Only Way Is Weight Loss

Arg is making a splash in an attempt to lose weight, and you’ve got to commend him. The 33-year-old was recently
seen entering an outside pool in nothing but a swimming cap and trunks – determined to lose weight, the 26-stone
reality star is facing life or death decisions when it comes to weight loss surgery.

Never fear, Arg, I see one solution to your lack of TV work and weight problems… I’m A Celeb, of course! Get on the show this year! The rice and bean diet is bound to have you looking like Mark Wright by the time you leave.

What a pain in the… BACK?

Eamonn Holmes, 61, has returned from hospital after severe back pain, claiming he’s “never experienced in his life”,
but is yet to find a diagnosis and left wondering the cause of the chronic agony.

One thing is for sure, it can’t be from carrying This Morning, because he was chopped months ago.

However, his former ITV colleagues have wished the presenter well, including the likes of Charlotte Hawkins. She’s so sweet. We can only hope Ruth Langsford is giving Eamonn the attention he craves.

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