‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Finn’s Secret Past May Have A Shocking Twist

Hamilton Finn has a secret past on General Hospital and it will all be revealed eventually. The family drama between Finn and his dad, Gregory Chase, has become heated recently, especially now that Finn has been brought in to find out what’s medically wrong with him. There is a secret hanging over those two and viewers are wondering exactly what is going on between them.

On Wednesday’s General Hospital, Finn finally got the test results back and told his dad that he has a recurring case of Lyme Disease. Gregory and his son, Chase, are relieved it’s nothing more serious. While Chase left the room to go call his mom to tell her the news, Finn tried to leave the hospital room quickly. According to SheKnows Soaps, his dad stopped him and confronted Finn once again about their strained relationship. He wants his son to get over the fact that he married another woman so soon after Finn’s mother died. But it looks like that may not be exactly what the problem is between them.

It may go even deeper than just not liking his stepmother. At the end of the episode, Chase came back and proceeded to relay a message to his brother. His mother wants Finn to know that she appreciates him treating his father nice, despite everything that has happened in the past. This gives a strong hint that something else is up.

General Hospital viewers have come to the conclusion that Finn and his stepmother had an affair in the past. That stands to reason as every time she is mentioned, Finn stiffens up. This is likely the cause of the tension between Finn and Gregory as well.

When Chase first came to town, Finn wanted nothing to do with him. They are just now starting to form a brotherly relationship with a little nudge from Anna Devane, but there could be a wrench thrown in this story line soon.

According to speculations from a few General Hospital fans, Chase may not be Finn’s brother at all. In a soapy turn of events, Chase may end up being Finn’s son instead. Some people have expressed their views on social media wondering if this woman got pregnant by Finn, and everyone just assumed that the baby was Gregory’s child.

“Who else thinks Finn’s Stepmom is his ex and Chase is Finn’s son??” one person wrote on Twitter.

This is definitely a good possibility. It sure doesn’t look like Finn even knows anything about this revelation if it proves to be true. Or does he? He may have avoided Chase in the beginning just because he is his ex’s son with his dad. This would definitely change things for all three of the men if the paternity of Harrison Chase was a lie.

Keep watching General Hospital to see how this all unfolds.

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