Gemma Collins claims James Argent HAS completed gruelling 21 mile swim across the Channel for Sink Or Swim – The Sun

GEMMA Collins claims James Argent has completed his gruelling swim across the English Channel for charity.

The GC, 38, appeared on today's Lorraine and appeared to let slip that James and other celebs such as Wes Nelson, Simon Webbe, Alex Booker and Sair Khan have completed the 21 mile effort for Stand Up To Cancer.

She said: "He's good. I'm so proud of him, he called me at 5.30 this morning. They've swum the channel. I can't tell you what happened because the show is out next week.

"He swum last night at 10 o'clock for an hour and he swum again this morning. He's been doing it for 12 weeks, he's done amazing.

"Actually, I am very proud of him."

Just days ago during an appearance on Channel 4's Sink Or Swim documenting the build up to the Channel crossing, Gemma revealed Arg had gained so much weight, it ruined their sex life.

The Towie star claims James spent all his time getting up and going to the toilet at night – and not pleasing her in the bedroom.

James wanted to take part on the show to help him take control of his weight.

And Gemma was seen telling Arg: "I can notice the difference in you. I can get my arms around you now when I cuddle you in bed.

"And when you love someone it’s not about their size or whatever, but we can’t be as we used to be in the bedroom. We can’t, no offence."

Arg has waged a long battle with his weight – gaining an astonishing ten stone in the past two years.

He began to slim down while training for reality show Sink or Swim For Stand Up To Cancer, where celebrities attempt to swim across the channel.

"Almost half of his bodyweight is composed of fat and a lot of that fat is around the organs. Very bad in terms of long-term outcome."

Arg later admitted: "I am a big guy so there is a lot of pressure on the heart.

"The fact my dad has heart problems, that was a big wake up call for me and I have to be careful."

The former Towie star has apparently blitzed more than three stone after signing up to the show.

Speaking about his new-found fitness in an exclusive interview, Arg said: "It's been fantastic for me. It's been really good to get myself into a good routine and structure and to exercise every day."

He added: "I feel so happy at the moment. I feel good. "I'm starting to lose weight, and the distance that I’m swimming is getting longer and longer.

"It's really been fantastic for me.

"It's just come at the right time. "I think we've been filming for about a month and a half, if that, and we're doing the Channel swim after three months.

"So, I'm just really hoping to get my fitness and stamina up."

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