Game Of Thrones S8 Episode 6 Photos: HBO Refuses To Spoil The Season 8 Finale

The long-awaited conclusion to Game of Thrones is just a few days away. Season 8, Episode 6 premieres on HBO this Sunday, May 19, marking the end of both this six-episode season and the series overall that started back in 2011. Following the preview trailer that debuted right after Episode 5, HBO has now released photos from the next episode–but they’re a bit different than usual. Spoilers ahead.

HBO is usually quite reticent to spoil the upcoming episode with its previews; these aren’t exactly modern movie trailers giving away major story beats and moments. The brief Episode 6 teaser kept the specifics to a real minimum, and now the preview photos are doing the same. They don’t give away anything that wasn’t already in the trailer, and just as notably, HBO has only shared a mere two images, which is far less than we typically see. Clearly, the network wants whatever is coming to be a surprise (although this does nothing to deal with the possibility of leaks, which have been a problem all season long).

The first of the two photos features Tyrion, who can be seen standing amongst the rubble in King’s Landing. He doesn’t look particularly pleased, just as you’d expect; he put his support behind Daenerys and believed in her, and he even put his life at risk to free Jaime in the hopes of preventing a massacre of innocents in the city. Dany opted to go Mad Queen instead, and now Tyrion is faced with having to live with this reality that Varys tried to stop.

The second photo matches up with a shot from the preview trailer. Dany, standing victorious on the edges of the burning city, faces away from us with her back to the camera as her army stands in formation all around her. If there was any question about how many troops she had remaining after Episode 3’s battle, it looks like she’s doing just fine in that regard.

Her troops appear to be in full support of her, and we know from the preview trailer that the Dothraki in particular seem pleased with the outcome of the battle. But we still haven’t seen Dany’s face in Episode 6, or really, since she made her fateful decision to destroy the city. Seeing if she has any remorse will have to wait for this Sunday, though it’s too late to undo her actions. Queen of the Ashes might be the best she can hope for at this point.

In the meantime, we have Episode 6 theories about where things in the finale and an Episode 5 breakdown. But with the way things have already played out, we know Game of Thrones exists in its darkest timeline.

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